Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

Not Pictured: The Bed.

What do we think of Jeff Lurie as an owner?  The guy stepped into an awfully soft spot.  Replacing Norman Braman guarantees you’ll start off on the right foot.  Lurie started out saying all the right things.  He’s got a new stadium, he’s not overtly cheap and he’s presided over an extended period of Eagles’ success.  Of course, success when it comes to the Eagles is a relative term.  The team is still without a Super Bowl, and after years of incremental progress the goal suddenly seems further away than it ever has during the Lurie era.  What role does Lurie play in this sudden nadir?  Is his relationship with Andy Reid hurting the team?

Firing Reid at this point in the season would accomplish nothing in terms of football.  The last six games are going to be very ugly regardless of who is wearing the headset, but Lurie’s decision to stick with Reid through these latest tough times could be a sign of a larger problem.  Regardless of which organization you are talking about there comes a time when change is necessary.  Don Shula left the Dolphins, Tom Landry was fired in Dallas, it always has to end.  That’s the nature of professional sports.  Does Lurie recognize when change is necessary?  

Does he recognize anything at all?  I don’t think a team should ever respond directly to the fans unless it is an extreme case, where you are risking a total alienation of the fan base.  Lurie is torturing the fan base right now.  Not because of the  team’s record, but through his commitment to the status quo.  The fans need to know that something is going to be different.  That this 14-year run is over and there is no chance that Andy Reid will have his fingerprint on this team in 2013.  As it stands, the crowd at Monday night’s Panthers game will likely be the ugliest of the Lurie era.  The owner seems oblivious to this, and it makes you wonder what else he’s oblivious to regarding his football team.  

Ok, let’s Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check, actually on Tuesday morning.  I was a little under the weather last night, and couldn’t make my usual wee-hours commitment to MNF trash and blogging.  

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. JCK, 32-22-1
  2. DC, 31-24
  3. Big Dub, 29-24-2
  4. Grossy, 29-24-2
  5. Nichols, 30-25
  6. Kraft, 29-25-1

The “Mashed Taters and Gravy,” Pick of the Week:  Grossy (San Diego +7.5)

Go ahead and re-read the selection.  I’m essentially guaranteeing a backdoor cover by .5 points.  There is a great debate in degenerate gambling circles about the half point.  Pay for it, don’t pay for it, and my thought has always been don’t get too bogged down in that half point.  That’s how I felt about the Steelers/Ravens game.  That extra half was sitting there and it didn’t bother me.  If the Ravens can win by three points, certainly they can win by four?  Or not.  I guess we learned this week that not all half points are created equal.  You may think I’m buckling to moment of vanity here, but come on, how great was that late TD?  And, then it goes under review?  Great gambling moment that cannot be ignored.  

The “Runaway Parade Balloon,” Awful Pick of the Week:  DC (Houston -15)

I can see where he was going here.  Houston is one of the five best teams in the league and Jacksonville is one of the two worst.  Houston has covered some big spreads this season.  But right there in his explanation, he should be talking himself out of it.  Vegas is trying to bait people into betting on the Jaguars.  Then, the caps lock arrogance, which I love–but only when it works.  Basically this is a penalty for failing to realize that a) The Texans have to come back and play Thursday and b) Jacksonville has Chad “Vapor Trail” Henne hiding on the bench ready to turn seasons upside down.  


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary Top-1o:

1.  Atlanta, 9-1.  The Falcons are a bit of rhythm, but they’re still managing to win games.  Dodging Matty Ice’s 5 picks was quite a trick.  

2. Houston, 9-1.  Trap game against Jacksonville, bounce back Thursday to show you’re for real.  

3. San Francisco, 7-2-1.  The Niners proved they don’t need their starting QB to beat up on a team.  

4. Baltimore, 8-2.  Worst 8-2 team ever?  Perhaps. 

5. Green Bay, 7-3.  Remember when we were writing off the Packers season?  They’ve won five straight.

6. New England, 7-3.  The Patriots offense scores on everyone. Can they do it without Gronk?

7. Denver, 7-3.  In cruise control in the putrid AFC West.

8.  Chicago, 7-3.  The Bears are in deep trouble without Jay Cutler.  Hurry back, Mullet.  

9.  Pittsburgh, 6-4.  Need Ben back, but encouraging performance by the defense on Sunday night.

10. New Orleans, 5-5.  The Saints are on a bit of a roll, but is it a function of their schedule?

3-PT D.A. of the Week:  John Skelton.

Check out the tab at the top of the page to read about Skelton and one of the most prolific D.A. weeks of all-time.  Updated standings with point totals as well.  



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

  1. In terms of results against the spread?

    I didn’t really see a blowout coming last night. The Thursday games I can hardly pay attention to.

    You want a nice trend to ride? The Eagles are 1-8-1 against the spread this year.

  2. Yeah. Thursday and Monday games seem to throw the spread out the window, at least the ones I pay attention to.

    I’ve been riding the Eagles trend for a bit now and it’s funding Christmas. If they keep this up I may figure out a way to pay for the first semester of college for my kid.

  3. I heard the other day that no team in several years (I want to say 20) has won fewer than 4 games against the spread in an entire season. That’s the kind of historic pace the Eagles are on.

    Looks like they are opening as favorites again this week.


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