Camille Rowe Studies Your Picks;

Lines Up Some Winners.

Does anyone think the Niners are going a little overboard with Colin Kaepernick?  Don’t misinterpret this as an endorsement for Alex Smith, who doesn’t have Kaepernick’s raw skills, but do you want to start a QB controversy on a team that is 7-2-1?  Kaepernick shredded the Bears, but that was one game.  What happens if Kaepernick doesn’t get the job done in New Orleans?  Now the Niners are going back to Smith, you might have factions of the locker room supporting each guy, seems like unnecessary drama.  Why not re-insert Smith with a short leash?  My only thought is that Harbaugh doesn’t believe he can win a Super Bowl with Smith, so to gear up for a run with Kaepernick he’s going to keep him in the lineup so he can continue to develop.   Let’s get to some picks…finally.

JCK, 33-23-1

  1. St. Louis (+2) over Arizona
  2. Baltimore (-1) over San Diego
  3. Green Bay (+3) over New York Giants


Nichols, 31-26

  1. Indianapolis (-3) over Buffalo
  2. Denver (-10.5) over Kansas City
  3. Carolina (-2.5) over Philadelphia


DC, 31-25

  1. San Francisco (-1) over New Orleans
  2. Tampa Bay (+1) over Atlanta
  3. St. Louis (+2) over Arizona
  4. Green Bay (+3) over New York Giants


Big Dub, 31-25-2

  1. New Orleans (+1) over San Francisco.  I. Hate. Kaepernick.
  2. Carolina (-2.5) over Philadelphia.  I. Hate. The. Eagles.


Kraft, 29-25-1

Jacksonville (+3.5) over Tennessee.  Chad Henne at home?  Check.  And, I saw a gentleman sporting a Tony Boselli Texans jersey last week in the stands.  I cannot ignore that omen.

Buffalo (+3) over Indianapolis.  Buffalo is going to creep back into the wild-card hunt with this W.  Fitzy shreds Indy’s pass defense.

St. Louis (+2) over Arizona.  With ‘Zona’s QB situation, I’ll take the Rams who should have something to prove this week.  Jackie Slate keeps Bradford upright so he can hit Henry Ellard.

Giants (-3) over Green Bay.  I don’t like betting against Rodgers, but this is where NY shines.  Just when people start to doubt them they make a statement.  Off a bye they clinch the division.

Carolina (-2.5) over Philadelphia.  Monday night sponsored by Energizer.  Throw your batteries.


Grossy, 29-24-2

Denver (-10.5) over Kansas City.  I feel like I’m in a bit of a fog this week and I’m regretting not getting in on that Patriots’ layup on Thursday night.  So, how about another big line for a good offense over a putrid opponent?  Denver looks like they’re in a real good rhythm offensively.  The self-esteem of Chiefs fans is in worse shape than Peyton’s neck.  A non-offensive TD seals this cover.  Just a hunch.

Atlanta (-1) over Tampa Bay.  Have we gotten a little carried away with Tampa Bay?  I know that this is Tampa’s Super Bowl, but let’s not confuse that horsebleep pirate ship stadium for a house of horrors.  Tampa gets blacked out more than the Jags.  It might not be pretty, but the Falcons are going to win this game.  Andre Rison bounces back from having his house burnt to the ground to “torch” the Bucs secondary and Tampa cools a bit on Greg “Captain High School,” Schiano.

New Orleans (+1) over San Francisco.  Monster revenge/respect spot for New Orleans and Brees.  That’s all I’ve got.

Green Bay (+3) over New York Giants.  Monster revenge spot for Rodgers and the Packers.  I’m a little conflicted, because the Giants are coming off a bye-week, but if the Eagles can lose after a bye–anyone can lose after a bye.  There is a lot of talk about this being a classic Giants scenario, but I’m starting to wonder if this NY team is going to flip the switch like they did last year.  Eli Manning has spent the better part of a month looking like Dave Brown.

Philadelphia (+2.5) over Carolina.  

The Eagles opened as 2.5 point favorites.  That’s a massive swing in the spread for an NFL game.  As in, I don’t recall one ever moving quite like this.  Do the Birds deserve to be underdogs?  Probably.  They’re terrible.  They’ve lost six straight. They give up a ton of points and are playing a true D.A. prodigy at QB.  Oh, and LeSean McCoy is out too.  But, the Panthers are 2-8.  I’m bringing back the old, “Who is Carolina to be laying points, on the road to ANYONE?”  I’m serious about that one.  Also, I don’t want the Eagles’ fans to burn the Linc to the ground Monday night, so I’m trying to stay positive.


6 thoughts on “Camille Rowe Studies Your Picks;

  1. Ryan Lindley meet Janoris Jenkins.

    Seems appropriate.

    Also, Matt Bryant can heave himself down a flight of stairs. What a mutt.

  2. Wow was that Lindley pick 6 bad. How can the cardinals roll with this qb situation? If I’m a season ticket holder I would probably be happier hearing something like ‘the team brought akili smith in for a workout on Tuesday….’

  3. Aaron rodgers’s mustache is pretty fantastic.
    Yes, tough week for the host. It’s not too often that drew Brees gets jealous of Ryan Lindley and throws 2 pick 6’s of his own.
    And I did get the Dave brown reference- I believe he was a giant QB in the early 90s from Duke?

  4. You have to throw 3 pick-6s at this point to get my attention.

    That would be the Dave Brown I was referencing. Fine line between random and never heard of him, I guess.

    hopefully the eagles lose by 4 tds tomorrow to solidify the 0-4-1

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