Quick, Post-Christmas Checkup.

How Was Your Haul?

How Was Your Haul?

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  We’re running at a real casual pace around here for the holiday season.  It’s hard to put up a Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem check on Christmas morning.  Too much merriment for hammering out a blog post.  And, if your self esteem isn’t stable on Christmas morning, then I’m not sure even winning NFL Pick ‘Em can save you.  So, today, before I go float to the mall down here in rain-soaked Virginia, we’ll try to get everything up to date.  And, before the end of the week, I’ll try to squeeze in a mailbag and the final week of NFL Picks.

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. JCK, 47-32-1
  2. Nichols, 45-34-1
  3. Big Dub, 43-35-2
  4. DC, 43-36-1
  5. Kraft, 42-37-1
  6. Grossy, 36-41-3

The “Brand New Hot Wheels,” Pick of the Week:  JCK (Green Bay -12.5)

JCK is on the verge of securing his 1st Pick ‘Em title.  When I left for work on Sunday, Green Bay was winning 14-0.  I think it was 55-0 by the time I pulled into the parking lot.  Or, 85-0.  The point is–nice, comfortable win when every “W” gets you closer to clinching this thing.

The “3-Pack of Hanes Briefs” Awful Pick of the Week:  Grossy (SF +28)

Was that the line?  It wasn’t?  San Francisco was favored by a point?  Weird.  I thought I was in a real nail-biter down the stretch there and I could have gone to bed.  As it turns out, this was a really horrible pick.  I can’t express how much the Seahawks bother me.  The distaste originated with their 7-9 playoff year and has just settled into a nice valley with this whole Russell Wilson thing.  I’m terrified of how this might play out in the post-season.


D.A. Finals Update:  Team Horse Face 52, The Shiva Cry 48. 

After the 1st of two weeks we’ve got a real horse race for the 2012 D.A. title.  I’m on the edge of my seat.  The best performance in this game was Jake Locker’s 39 points, but Horse Face was steady (Lindley and McElroy 26 points each).  Be sure to check back in next week to see who takes this crown.

3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Matt Leinart

Whoa, a Matt Leinart sighting.  How exciting is this.  Can all the horrible USC QBs move into a house together and start a bad reality show?  Matt Barkley’s on-deck.  Leinart came in for Carson Palmer (Go Trojans!) and promptly went 16/32 with an INT.  Pretty Standard.


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary Top-10. 

  1. Atlanta, 13-2.  13-2 is an OK record.
  2. Denver, 12-3.  A Broncos/Seahawks Super Bowl Terrifies Me.
  3. Green Bay, 11-4.  Care to play Green Bay?  Didn’t think so.
  4. Houston, 12-3.  Not how you want to look in week 16.
  5. Seattle, 10-5.  Can’t beat ’em at home.
  6. New England, 11-4.  Wining ugly in Jacksonville. Is there another way?
  7. Baltimore, 10-5.  Still think they stink.
  8. San Francisco, 10-4-1.  Goalie controversy!
  9. Indianapolis, 10-5.  Is Luck, INT Machine, the 3rd best rookie QB?
  10. Washington, 9-6.  RG3!  RG3!

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