The Pick ‘Em Finale.

I Dropped the Ball on this Pick 'Em Season Weeks Ago.

I Dropped the Ball on this Pick ‘Em Season Weeks Ago.

Here we are at the end of the line.  Seventeen weeks.  Countless hours of analysis, paralysis and old player references.  The picks and jokes have run the gamut, but I think it’s all been worthwhile, even if my record ruins what has been an otherwise respectable year for 3-PT Terrritory handicappers.  I’ll get my revenge in the playoffs betting against Russell Wilson.  Until then, your week 17 picks…

JCK, 47-32-1

  1. New York Giants (-7.5) over Philadelphia
  2. Chicago (-3) over Detroit
  3. Baltimore (+2.5) over Cincinnati
  4. Seattle (-10.5) over St. Louis
  5. Indianapolis (+7) over Houston

Nichols, 45-34-1

  1. Cincinnati (-2.5) over Baltimore
  2. New Orleans (-5) over Carolina
  3. Green Bay (-3.5) over Minnesota
  4. San Francisco (-16.5) over Arizona
  5. Seattle (-10.5) over St. Louis


Big Dub, 43-35-2

  1. Indianapolis (+7) over Houston
  2. Minnesota (+3.5) over Green Bay
  3. Dallas (+3) over Washington
  4. Philadelphia (+7.5) over New York Giants
  5. Detroit (+3) over Chicago


DC, 43-36-1

Green Bay (-3.5) over Minnesota.  Adrian Peterson may be playing out of his mind, but Minnesota still can’t generate enough offense to hang with a Packers team that is playing for a bye week and a home game.

Detroit (+3) over Chicago.  The line is telling me that the Bears are actually going to lose outright to the Lions.  I’m going to go with Vegas on this one.

Washington (-3) over Dallas.  My prediction for this game is that Jason Garrett makes a late-game coaching decision that sends Bill Barnwell so far over the edge that it prompts him to invent a new scoring system for coaches called the KOTITE scale.

New York Giants (-7.5) over Philadelphia.   I’d like if the Eagles were able to keep this one respectable, but I think there are too many distractions in play for the Eagles, and  the Giants have it in them to do their part in securing a playoff spot.  See what I did there?

Seattle (-10.5) over St. Louis.  Why not?


Kraft, 42-37-1

Indianapolis (+7) over Houston.  Chuck Pagano’s 1st game back after leukemia.  How do you bet against that story?  I’ll take Chuckstrong.

Philadelphia (+7.5) over New York Giants.  Eagles play hard for Reid, Giants fold and show their true colors for 2012 season.

Miami (+10) over New England.  Pats do just enough for a win.

Jacksonville (+4) over Tennessee.  Last time picking Henne this season.

Chicago (-3) over Detroit.  Lions packed it in 8 weeks ago.  Chicago still alive.


Grossy, 36-41-3

Jacksonville (+4) over Tennessee.  I need a 5-0 to finish the season .500.  Where else to start but with Chad Henne.  Henne made me pay the price last week by skipping over his routine cover against New England.  I learned my lesson.  This could be the last game Henne starts in the NFL.  Probably not, because the Jags will bench Tebow in week 11 next year, but it could be.  Gotta play it safe.

Indianapolis (+7) over Houston.  Houston managed to cover a big spread against Indy a couple of weeks back, but I don’t see it happening again.  That’s tough to do against a division rival, playing on emotion.  I don’t like the Texans’ D as much as I did last year, and they won’t be able to keep Indy from some type of cover–backdoor or otherwise.

New England (-10) over Miami.  Just because everything thinks the Pats are going to win ugly again.  I think they might want to make sure everything is clicking before the playoffs.  Could mean a nice early cushion, and Miami can’t really throw the ball to take advantage of NE’s secondary issues.

Denver (-34.5) over Kansas City.  Broncos 45, KC 10.  Ish.

Dallas (+3) over Washington.  Gotta pick the biggest game of the year*, right?  Both these teams, franchises, and fan bases need this game badly.  There is a scenario where both teams make the playoffs, but it’s far easier to just win this one.  I feel like if you take out variables like jinxes, health, and Jason Garrett the Cowboys are clearly the better team.  RG3 is great, but he’s a rookie, we’re not sure if he’s 100%.  If he wins this game both political parties are going to start wooing him for 2016.  I like Romo (for 1 more week only) and a possessed Dez Bryant.


9 thoughts on “The Pick ‘Em Finale.

  1. Westbrook, McNabb and Troy Vincent might have played for Reid, but these guys obviously don’t care. Haven’t for a while.

  2. We’ve got a D.A. sighting.

    Also, mildly comforting that I’ll be much closer to, or over .500 in games where I did not pick Chad Henne.

  3. well, thanks to wordpress, the year end stats are in. i won’t even try to compete.

    from q’s position, the following are your 2012 highlights: brief life of weekly tom brady photos, harvard in the ncaa final, less exposed cleavage on the friday gang, and anything mailbag. for 2013 – more Rand photobags and less sports talk. maybe a new weekly: “the impossibly short short story.”

    go pats. are the giants really out of the playoffs?


  4. I think your worst fears about Seattle are going to come to life- they have a solid D and Wilson is playing extremely well, and they can run the ball. I think they are a better team than Washington, and who doesn’t think they can go into Atlanta and win? I can’t stand the soft Atlanta Falcons, i would be pulling for those pesky Seahawks.
    In the AFC it’s NE’s to lose, they were the big winners with Houston’s free fall, getting the bye. They beat up Denver earlier this yr, and they beat up Houston. Most likely will get Houston at home, then go to Denver…

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