2013 D.A. Fantasy Football — Week 13

Colt McCoy Wants His Career Back.

Colt McCoy Wants His Career Back.

I had a two horse race this week for D.A.  It was Case Keenum, known around here as Kase Ceenum and RG3, known around Washington as the former savior.  Let’s break down the talking points:


  • Lost to Jacksonville
  • Lost to Jacksonville at home
  • 18/34 passing against Jacksonville
  • No TDs
  • 1 INT by a Jacksonville player
  • 0-5 as a starter this year
  • 27 D.A. Points
  • Named Case Keenum


  • At one point in the 2nd quarter he was 1/6 for -1 yards and 1 INT.  That’s a 0.0 QB Rating
  • 127 passing yards
  • 4 Sacks (elusive)
  • 0 Tds
  • 2 million broken hearts
  • 19 D.A. Points

So, maybe it wasn’t that close.  When you get embarrassed by the Jags, at home, you’ve got yourself a pretty big head start.  I just wanted to mention how terrible RG3 was, and how poorly this whole season has gone.  Hard to pinpoint the problem.  Is he still hurt?  Does he just hate Shannannahan?  Is the o-line so bad that he fears for his well-being? Could be a combination of everything.  Shame that we didn’t get to see the good RG3 this year.  I enjoyed watching him about as much as I could ever enjoy watching a Redskin last year. Of course, he was on my fantasy team.  Now, he’s being compared to Case Keenum.  But, it’s still Keenum’s show.  Glad he got his moment to shine before he disappears forever after this season.


D.A. Standings:  

  1. Team Horse Face, 7-5 (188.25 Points)
  2. Fake Chow, 7-5 ( 178.25 Points)
  3. Eli Esses D, 6-6 (276 Points)
  4. Doubleback Vineyards, 6-6 (253.25 Points)
  5. D.A.iry Queen, INC, 6-6 (210 Points)
  6. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters, 6-6 (197 Points)
  7. Tampa Ticklesh*ts, 5-6-1 (170.25 Points)
  8. Carlos Danger, 4-7-1 (142.5 Points)

Well, things have tightened considerably thanks to Horse Face’s losing streak and generous (-90 point) week a while back.  Looks like the points tie-breaker may play bigger than ever this year, so make sure you win out and do so with style.

Quick Summaries:

Happy Valley Tickle Monsters Easily Handle D.A.iry Queen, INC, 26 to (-17.5)

Highlights:  Tough Thursday night for DQ who stumbled into one of Matt Ryan’s better games of the year and a (-12.5) point hole.  Things didn’t get much better with Ryan “Tinderdale” Tannehill on Sunday.  HVTM got a much needed win and crept into playoff contention thanks in part to RG3 who sealed things up Monday night.

Tampa Ticklesh*ts Upsets Team Horse Face, 26.5 to (-2)

Highlights:  Tampa pulled off a rare feat as both of his QBs did not finish the game.  Scott “Toll House” Tolzein was benched despite channeling Steve Young on a scrambling TD.  Welcome back, Matt Flynn.  And, Jason Campbell was absolutely pummeled against the Steelers.  Not sure he wants back in there at this point.  Horse Face was burnt by Mike Glennon.  Are we ready for a world where Mike Glennon is a viable QB.  I’m not.

Carlos Danger Plays Spoiler, Trips Up Eli Esses D30.25 to 24.  

Highlights:  It’s not all about Geno Smith right now, but it’s mostly about Geno Smith.  For the time being, Smith may have replaced “QB Jaguars” as the most reliable commodity in D.A.  In a volatile world, it’s hard to put a value on that. Can anyone afford to pass on Smith at this point?

Fake Chow Claims 2nd Place with Ugly (-20) to (-56.5) Win Over Doubleback Vineyards.

Highlights:  Not many.  There was only one QB worth a damn in this whole matchup and that was Matt McGloin. McGloin had 11.5 D.A. Points and is trending in the right direction.  If Oakland gives him a few more starts, I believe he will win a D.A. this year.  Other than that?  Ugliness, highlighted by Philip Rivers’ near perfect game against the Chiefs.  Goodnight, Doubleback.


Week 13 Draft Order:

  1. Doubleback
  2. Carlos
  3. Horse Face
  4. Fake Chow
  5. HVTM
  6. D.Q
  7. Tampa
  8. Eli


Week 13 Matchups:

  1. HVTM vs. Eli Esses D
  2. D.Q. vs. Tampa Ticklesh*ts
  3. Doubleback Vineyards vs. Team Horse Face
  4. Carlos Danger vs. Fake Chow

2 thoughts on “2013 D.A. Fantasy Football — Week 13

  1. I’d like to point out, I want the Double Stuffed Mint Halloween Oreo award for taking “the game” in DA. Smith? Check. Playing who? Flacco. I’ll take him too. Just gimme the game Jimmy.

  2. you love to give yourself credit when you do that. Nichols had the same scenario this week by the way. Not quite as good a result, but still a W.

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