2013 D.A. Fantasy Football Week 4

Ball is Usually OUT.

Ball is Usually OUT.

Some tough times in D.A.  All these points.  Rookie QBs not throwing enough interceptions.  Penalty yardage out the hind end.  What’s going on?  Well, for starters, we have to expand our minds and look deeper into the QB pool.  This will be the 2nd straight week that no one selected the 3PT DA.  That’s probably never happened.  Vick, Schaub, Kaepernick, Bradford–all left on the board.  This is about better drafting.  Sort out your player personnel department and you can still succeed in D.A. Fantasy Football–Get that T-SHIRT!

3PT D.A. of the Week:  Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles.  

Vick is going in the wrong direction this year.  He was great the opening week, put up gaudy stats in a loss, but against his first real defensive test–Vick was terrible.  The guy has proven over and over if you make him rush his decisions, those decisions become bad decisions.  He said after the game that he “knew the pick-6 was the wrong play, but he did it anyway.” What?  Not following, 7.  The Pick-6 was the highlight of a 45 point D.A. night.  Thirteen of 30 passing, another pick, a lost fumble and five sacks.  It made me wonder where this ranks among the worst starts of Vick’s career?  The man did have some dreadful games with Atlanta. Shocking inaccuracy (9/24, 7/21, 11/28, 12/31) and his share of picks, but this was probably his worst start for the Eagles since a 2011 stink bomb against Arizona.  What’s coming next week?

D.A. Fantasy Football Standings:

  1. Team Horse Face, 3-0
  2. Fake Chow, 2-1
  3. Carlos Danger, 2-1
  4. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters, 2-1
  5. Doubleback Vineyards, 1-2
  6. Eli Esses D, 1-2
  7. D.A.iry Queen INC., 1-2
  8. Tampa Ticklesh*ts, 0-3

D.A. Quick Summaries:

HVTM Slips by Doubleback Vineyards, 35 to 27.  

This game featured Andrew Luck and Jay Cutler each posting a (-1) for their team.  That made it a showdown between Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel.  Very worthy battle.  Ponder became the 1st known QB to lose to Brian Hoyer and continued to ruin Greg Jennings’ career, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Manuel, who proved to be incredibly inaccurate when the Bills are forced to actually throw the ball.

Eli Esses D get on Board with Monster 71 to (-12) Win over D.A.iry Queen INC.  

Big Dub is usually hot or cold in D.A.  Once finishing a robust 3-11, but also the 2011 Champion.  After going 0-2, I thought it could be another down year, but perhaps this week will push him toward another playoff run.  Their wasn’t much competition from DQ, who had Big Ben’s rare day but also his 400 passing yards.  The star was really Eli Manning who with 28 points has suddenly become a hot commodity.

Team Horse Faces Cruises Past Carlos Danger, 38 to (-13.75)

In a battle of undefeated teams, Team Horse Face got the better of Carlos Danger and continued their impressive title defense.  What are you angling for, DA sweat pants?  But, DC’s squad was carried by Josh Freeman who has emerged this year as a rock solid D.A. performer along the lines of Mark Sanchez.  That’s high praise, but someone has to fill Sanchize’s shoes.  Carlos was burned by both his QBs, but Philip Rivers’ 20/24 really stung.

Fake Chow Forges Ahead with 35 to 19.75 Win Over Tampa Ticklesh*ts.  

No sympathy for former roommates here as Fake Chow kept Tampa out of the win column.  The Ticklesh*ts had the number one pick, and it posed an interesting question?  The usual Henne, or a 3rd string Brian Hoyer?  Kraft went with Hoyer and it cost him a bit, though Hoyer was valiant.  He scored about as many points as possible (17.75) while throwing for 3 scores and 300+ yards.  Fake Chow rode Carson Palmer (ahhh, Arizona) to the win, and I’m sure Tampa will never leave a Jacksonville QB on the table again.

Week 4 Draft Order:

  1. Eli
  2. Doubleback
  3. Carlos
  4. Horse Face
  5. Fake Chow
  6. HVTM
  7. D.A.iry Q
  8. Tampa

Week 4 Matchups:

  1. HVTM vs. Team Horse Face
  2. D.A.iry Queen INC. vs. Carlos Danger
  3. Tampa Ticklesh*ts vs. Doubleback Vineyards
  4. Fake Chow vs. Eli Esses D

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