2012 D.A. Fantasy Football Final



Three shutouts.  In the NFL?  Are you kidding me?  Did they sneak a couple of NL West games onto the slate without me noticing?  You’d think this would be great news for D.A. Fantasy Football, and it would have been, except there were a ton of points left on the board this week.  So Kirk (Kurt? Honestly I don’t know) Cousins lights up the Browns, but some established QBs leave a stench trail that stretches for miles.  That’s the kind of thing that decides D.A. games, and with the shortened draft, the temptation is to play things safe–stick with the terrible teams.  But, could some creativity, a strike of gold on a “name” QB give someone the title?  We’ll find out over the next two weeks.

3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Matt Stafford.  

Pretty agonizing choice this week.  We had the Sanchez.  And, the Giants pulled one of the all-time surprising No-Shows in Atlanta.  Eli was right there leading the way.  Eli has had three or four D.A. flirtations this year, and this might have been his worst game.  Of course, there was also Josh Freeman and his five turnovers.  It was good enough for an honorable mention, but we’ve seen Freeman do five turnovers before.  It’s a bit like seeing Sammy Sosa hit 60 bombs.  The third time?  Meh.  In the end, we’ll go with the complete implosion of Matt Stafford and the Lions.  It used to be the undisciplined defense.  Then, it was no running game.  Then, the Schwartz had lost his edge.  But now Detroit has to scratch their heads over Stafford.  A lost season and a 4-TD beat down by the Cardinals.  THE CARDINALS!  He got outplayed by Ryan Lindley.  24-50.  Two Pick-6s.  That’s 61 D.A. Points.  Yikes.

D.A. Semi-Finals Quick Summaries:

The Shiva Cry Bests Doubleback Vineyards, 52-(4.75).

Highlights:  It’ll be the 1st Finals appearance for Shiva Cry.  This one wasn’t close and that was thanks to K. Cousins, who somehow played better on Sunday than he ever did at Michigan St.  The funny thing is, Cousins started 1/4 with a pick.  I thought I was on my way.  Not so much.  Shiva used a nice, balanced attack.  Andrew Luck couldn’t come up with any more magic in Houston (17 points) and Ryan Fitzpatrick officially ushered in the Michael Vick era in Buffalo with a cringe inducing performance against Seattle.  Perhaps losing by 1,000 points should be worth more points next year.

Team Horse Face Stages Furious Comeback, Beats Fake Chow, 51-28.

Highlights:  The last three weeks the Cardinals QBs put up 54.5, 52 and 34.5 points.  That makes what Ryan Lindley did on Sunday remarkable.  Taken with the first pick, Lindley played about as poorly as you can in a 4-TD win, but that still was good for only 3 points.  That left the door open for Horse Face to make a Monday Night run and recover from Christian Ponder’s (-5 point) performance.  All Sanchez did was throw four picks, get sacked all night, and generally stink.  That 4th pick sealed the deal and set the D.A. Championship Final.

D.A. Finals:  Team Horse Face(2) vs. The Shiva Cry(3)

Jean Van De Velde of France

The Finals is two-week, cumulative battle.  There is no fairer championship in all of sports.  The combatants will alternate draft order.  In Week 16, Horse Face will have the #1 pick, and Shiva Cry will take the #1 slot in week 17.  Check back next Monday for a halftime D.A. Finals report.


14 thoughts on “2012 D.A. Fantasy Football Final

  1. Wow…….EPIC battle in the finals. The only way Fake Chow’s loss could have been worse would be if he attended the Giants-Falcons game, double shot to the nuts.

  2. I appreciate that BK. I probably would have been at the game had it not been for your contact failing to come thru with tix. Thanks for sparing me.

    • Didn’t know what picture would appropriately depict the origin. Figured Vandy would get the point across pretty well.

  3. I’m still a little amazed at what Sanchez has been doing this entire season. Did anyone see this coming? I mean, I knew he was bad but i DEFINITELY didn’t know he could melt down like this. To me he was going to just be one of those middle of the road QBs who can’t carry a team but wasn’t completely in shambles. Replaced by McElroy??? And what does this do to Barkley’s status? Between Carson, Leinart and Sanchez, have they dismantled any chance for a USC QB to ever be taken seriously? Is the entire program now tainted permanently?

  4. If you go by the stats, Sanchez had been incrementally improving. He was terrible his rookie year despite the two playoff wins, with 12 TDs and 20 INTs.

    But, he built himself up to 26 TDs/18INTs, 3500 yds, and raised his rating from 63 to 78.

    But, this year was a total regression. Is that because of Tebow?

  5. NY media is blaming the Holmes injury, the keller injury and the fact the Jets were the only people in America who thought Shonn Greene was a full time, star running back.

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