2012 D.A. Fantasy Football — Week 3

Manning Completed Two of his First Four Passes…to the Falcons.

It wasn’t a great week for D.A. Football.  It happens.  We see them from time to time.  A lot of issues are coming to light with the pass happy NFL.  The penalty yardage stat is becoming a killer and focusing on guys who are inaccurate, especially in losses–is huge.  The other concern?  These rookies.  Is Brandon Weeden not going to score 50 points a week?  Because that’s going to make the draft each week a lot more difficult.

3-PT D.A. of the Week: Peyton Manning.

Blaine Gabbert was benched and threw for 50 yards, but I don’t back away from chances to give guys like Manning a D.A. award.  Manning didn’t have really gaudy D.A. numbers.  I can’t sit back and laugh at his QB rating, but I can laugh at his 1st quarter.  Three interceptions?  Ouch.  Can we put the GOAT conversation back on the shelf?  Manning is known for his performance in prime time games and Gruden was practically humping Tirico in the booth wishing for another comeback, but Pey-Pey buried the Broncos Monday Night.  He let Atlanta get out to a 20-0 lead and the Broncos could never recover.  The 4th quarter mini-rally was all smoke.  Throw in a few sacks and Peyton was pushing 25 D.A. points for the week.  Or, about 50 more than Brandon Weeden.

Week Two Quick Summaries:

Eli Esses D trumps Team Horse Face, 22-1

Highlight:  The return of Mark Sanchez.  Remember my overreactions from week one?  Sanchez once again looks like the guy who is going to be horrific a half-dozen times a year.  His trademark inaccuracy led to 27 points.  Props to Kevin Kolb for pulling a huge upset, but still scoring positive points for Team Horse Face.

Fake Chow Slips by Kraft, -.25 to -17

Highlight:  Tough D.A. scoring week.  A lot of “bad” weeks out of young QBs.  Never a good formula.  Nichols tabbed Blaine Gabbert (benched, bonus yards) to offset Andy Dalton’s unfortunate week.  The Dallas defense let down Kraft who had to swallow a (-9) point effort from still mostly horrible Russell Wilson.

Happy Valley Tickle Monsters Crush Neckbeards and Codeine, 17-(-52.75)

Highlight:  Josh Freeman was the only QB who managed positive points in this matchup and that was more than enough to guarantee the win.  Neckbeards’ combo of Vick and Bradford threw for well over 600 yards and recorded two victories.  Yikes.

Shiva Cry Cruises Past Doubleback Vineyards, 22.25 to (-16.75)

Highlight:  What did I ever do to Brandon Weeden?  The guy scores 1.3 million points for BK in week one and then I try to use him against BK and he drops a -24-spot.  Are people going to shy away from this guy?  Are the Bengals just this bad?  In my heart I want to believe he’ll continue to suck.  The Shiva Cry rode about 60 incompletions from Locker and Palmer to remain atop the standings.  Rarefied air for this bunch.


D.A. Standings: 

  1. The Shiva Cry, 2-0
  2. Fake Chow, 2-0
  3. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters, 1-1
  4. Eli Esses D, 1-1
  5. Neckbeards and Codeine, 1-1
  6. Team Horse Face, 1-1
  7. Doubleback Vineyards, 0-2
  8. Kraft, 0-2


Week Three Draft Order:

  1. Nichols
  2. DC
  3. JCK
  4. Brian
  5. Kraft
  6. Will
  7. BK
  8. Gross


Week Three Matchups:

  1. Eli Esses D vs. Shiva Cry
  2. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters vs. Kraft
  3. Fake Chow vs. Doubleback Vineyards
  4. Team Horse Face vs. Neckbeards and Codeine


Commissioner’s D.A. Rankings: 

  1. Ponder
  2. Kolb
  3. Tannehill
  4. Luck
  5. Tennessee
  6. Bradford
  7. Palmer
  8. Wilson
  9. Pey-Pey

6 thoughts on “2012 D.A. Fantasy Football — Week 3

  1. That happened Grossy….that JUST HAPPENED. You have to be impressed with Palmer, able to throw for over 300 and not hit 50% completion rate.

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