2011 D.A. Fantasy Football — Week 10.

"Take That Number Off." -- Drew Bledsoe.

The funny thing about some quarterbacks is you forgot how they ever got drafted.  Like, Ryan Leaf, ok he was a big-time player at Washington State.  David Klinger threw for about 1,000 TDs at Houston.  Does anyone really remember Akili Smith being dominant at Oregon, though?  I guess he was good.  He was the 3rd overall pick.  But, some guys you aren’t that surprised when they turn out to be busts.  Akili Smith was one of those guys.  I looked up his college stats.  He basically came out of nowhere with one good year.  Still, there were warning signs.  He only completed 58% of his passes. I’m pretty sure that’s not good at the NCAA level and doesn’t translate to the NFL.  But, when there’s a run on QBs in the draft, there’s a run on QBs.

Another way you know a quarterback is a total bust is if he only plays for his original team.  You’ve got to assume that most 1st round picks are looked at as high-ceiling projects at the very worst.  If you can stink so badly for one team that nobody else even takes a sniff–that’s pretty respectable.  Akili Smith pulled this off with relative ease.  For his signature game, I chose his swan song.  The game that left no doubt his career was over.  In the final start of his career, Smith lost 35-7 to the Tampa Bay Bucs.  He was 12 of 33 passing.  He threw 0TDs and 1 INT.  He put up over 40 D.A. points and everyone around the league quite simply saw the game and said, “He’s never going to play in the NFL again.”

D.A. Standings:

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine: 6-3
  2. JCK:  6-3
  3. Kraft: 5-4
  4. Fake Chow: 4-5
  5. Team Horse Face: 4-5
  6. The Slop Jocks: 4-5
  7. Eli Esses D:  4-5
  8. The Shiva Cry: 3-6

Week 10 Draft Order:

  1. JCK
  2. DC
  3. Kraft
  4. BK
  5. Tim
  6. Nichols
  7. Brian
  8. Big Dub

Week 10 Match-Ups:

  1. Eli Esses D vs. The Shiva Cry
  2. JCK vs. Kraft
  3. The Slop Jocks vs. Fake Chow
  4. Team Horse Face vs. Neckbeards and Codeine

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