2011 D.A. Football — Week 8.

Pey-Pey Saved his D.A. for the Big Stage.

So, I was watching the Sunday Night Football game, hoping that Reggie Wayne would stop sucking (spoiler alert: he didn’t) and sometime after the Colts fell behind by about 100 Tds, Peyton Manning became a frequent topic of discussion.  What else was there to talk about.  It got Peyton on my mind, and I decided to feature his donkey face for week 8.  My history with Pey-Pey goes back to college.  This makes me feel old, but Peyton made his debut in Madden while I was toiling away in the name of Liberal Arts.  I remember when that game came out one of the first things my roommate and I did was play a San Diego vs. Indy game.  Leaf vs. Manning.  I think we both wanted Leaf.  The takeaway I have now is that they were both pretty terrible in that game.  Leaf would only get worse.  Peyton would outperform his original Madden version almost from the start.

That’s not to say that Manning didn’t have his struggles, and since we’re now a few years removed from Peyton finally winning the big one, I think we forget that he was labeled as a playoff dud for a good portion of his early career.  For his signature D.A. performance, I’ll go for the 2003 AFC Championship, also known as the Ty Law game.  Peyton had finally gotten out of the 1st round, where he’d offered some terrible performances including a 1st round ass-whooping at the hands of the Jets in 2002.  But, after two wins in 2003, Peyton breezed into Foxboro and immediately hamstrung the Colts with a barrage of picks.  He’d end up 23 of 47 on the day with 1 TD and 4 INTs, 3 of which ended up in Ty Law’s arms. Sadly, none were returned for a TD.  The 40+ point D.A. performance dropped Peyton’s playoff record to 2-4.

D.A Standings:

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine:  5-2
  2. JCK:  5-2
  3. The Shiva Cry 3-4
  4. Fake Chow:  3-4
  5. Kraft 3-4
  6. The Slop Jocks 3-4
  7. Team Horse Face 3-4
  8. Eli Esses D 3-4

Week 8 Draft Order:

  1. Brian
  2. Big Dub
  3. JCK
  4. DC
  5. Kraft
  6. BK
  7. Tim
  8. Nichols

Week 8 Match-ups:

  1. Eli Esses D vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  2. JCK vs. Fake Chow
  3. Team Horse Face vs. The Slop Jocks
  4. Kraft vs. The Shiva Cry

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