2011 D.A. Football–Week Two.

Mike Pagel, Back to the Colts?

Mike Pagel is a default guy.  You might ask, what’s a default guy?  Well, a default guy is who you go to in a situation where you want to amuse someone with the name of a professional athlete.  Guys like Kevin Maas, or Joe Cowley, or Charles Shackelford, these are default guys.  There’s a demographic of sports fans out there who will chuckle every single time you say Nick Esasky regardless the context.  And, that’s a little bit of what D.A. Football is all about, making sure we identify these guys.

Mike Pagel was the signature backup/awful QB of the 80s for me.  I’m kind of surprised I didn’t use him last year, because like I said, he’s one of the first names that pop into your mind.  With someone like Pagel you wonder did they let the prodigy get enough starts, did he have enough volume to produce a true D.A. effort.  Come on.  I think we all know the answer to that.  Most every time Pagel touched the ball it was pure D.A. gold.

His single best performance, for my money, came on October 20th, 1985.  While I was lording over my kindergarten class thanks to an uncommon deftness with the safety scissor, Mike Pagel had somehow made himself into the Colt’s starting QB. In a 21-9 loss to the Bills (and Vince Ferragamo–oh my), Pagel completed all of seven passes.  He managed just 78 yards for what ended up being a woeful (-.55) adjusted yards per attempt.  Once again, that means when Pagel dropped back, you were statistically guaranteed to lose yardage in the long run.  Throw in two picks and it added up to a glitzy QB rating of…5.5 and well over 30 D.A. points.

So, let’s remember Mike Pagel, a default guy, a classic D.A. honoree and someone who could probably step in right now and play for the Colts.

D.A. Football Standings:

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine 1-0
  2. Kraft 1-0
  3. Fake Chow 1-0
  4. Team Horse Face 1-0
  5. The Slop Jocks 0-1
  6. BK 0-1
  7. JCK 0-1
  8. Eli Esses D 0-1
Week Two Draft Order:
  1. JCK
  2. DC
  3. Kraft
  4. BK
  5. Tim
  6. Nichols
  7. Brian
  8. Big Dub
Week Two Matchups:
Eli Esses D vs. Team Horse Face
BK vs. Fake Chow
JCK vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
The Slop Jocks vs. Kraft

3 thoughts on “2011 D.A. Football–Week Two.

  1. There we go. I did a search for him and that didn’t turn up. Glad we agreed on his most horrid performance. Also glad that I spent twenty minutes of my life reading Bobby Hoying’s internet stats page. It’s gonna be difficult to explain this if anyone starts getting on my case later today about lack of productivity.

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