Derek Anderson Football — Week 12.

Fails The Name Test.

This week I wanted to highlight a name that I took off Deadspin’s worst 100 pro football players of all-time list.  The list was stocked with a lot of kickers actually, but there were plenty of bust defensive ends and quarterbacks to go around as well.  It was tough to find a balance between purely awful stats and someone who at least played more than a couple of snaps in the league.  Obviously, I’d never heard of these guys, but let’s be honest, unless this really catches on, no one is going to know DA in 25-30 years either.  The guy I landed on was Kim McQuilken.  Obvious bonus points for failing the name test.

McQuilken had to have one of the worst TD/INT for a career in the history of the NFL.  Over four seasons he found the end zone 4 times, but threw an astounding 29 picks.  My new favorite stat?  Well, McQuilken’s adjusted yards per attempt is negative for his entire career! That’s some bad quarterback play.  The guy was actually worse than a cardboard cut-out.  Picking through McQuilken’s bad games is a great time, but one certainly stands out as his finest hour.  In 1978 McQuilken took the helm for the Falcons and rolled into Minnesota to face the Purple People Eaters.  He ended up on the wrong side of a 38-0 score, but his stat line is something to behold.  5 of 26 for 43 yards and 5 picks.  His adjusted Y/A was (-7.00).  And, if he had been playing DA Fantasy Football the game would have been worth 89.25 Points!

DA Standings:

  1. The Slop Jocks 8-3
  2. BK 7-4
  3. Team Motorboat 7-4
  4. Neckbeards and Codeine 6-5
  5. Kraft 5-6
  6. Team Horse Face 5-6
  7. Dan 3-8
  8. Eli Esses D 3-8

Week 12 Draft Order:

  1. Tim
  2. DC
  3. Dan
  4. Brian
  5. Will
  6. BK
  7. Kraft
  8. Nichols

Week 12 Match-Ups:

  1. BK vs. Kraft
  2. Team Motorboat vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  3. The Slop Jocks vs. Team Horse Face
  4. Dan vs. Eli Esses D

2 thoughts on “Derek Anderson Football — Week 12.

  1. One vote here for Pey Pey for DA. Or more accurately, Colts offensive line for DA. Either way, two pick sixes. Wow.

    And credit to Will for actually picking Peyton this week.

  2. Well, your man was quite good too.

    Will did say that it was his crowning achievement for the blog, but that might have just been a heat of the moment type of statement.

    2 pick 6s…do we need a new rule, has it become commonplace? Lot of DA thinking to do before tomorrow night and still DA and Smith to go…

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