Derek Anderson Football — Week 11

How Badly Do the 49ers Need Andrew Luck?

You know what team has gone about 20 years without locating a good quarterback?  Those San Francisco 49ers.  Is this their punishment for having Montana right into Steve Young.  Imagine having Montana, still possibly with years left, and saying, “you know what?  We’re going with this other future Hall of Famer.”  Not exactly a McNabb to Kolb scenario. But, the QB position has gone downhill fast in the Bay, and the man pictured above helped usher in that new era.  If you don’t recognize that adorable face, you are looking at Jim Druckenmiller.   Druckenmiller was a 49ers first round pick in 1997 out of THE Virginia Technical University.  Of course he became one of the biggest busts ever, got arrested, was generally a clown, but he did have one start.  One glorious start.  It came on September 7th, 1997 against the Rams.  In true DA fashion, the 49ers won the game DESPITE old Drunky going 10/28 for 102 yards and 3 INTS.  His Rating?  19.3. My new favorite stat?  Adjusted Yards per attempt (-.46), so once again, on average, every time Big Jim dropped back to pass, the 49ers lost yardage.


  1. The Slop Jocks 7-3
  2. BK 6-4
  3. Neckbeards and Codeine 6-4
  4. Team Motorboat 6-4
  5. Kraft 5-5
  6. Team Horse Face 5-5
  7. Dan 3-7
  8. Eli Esses D 2-8

Week 11 Draft Order

  1. Nichols
  2. Tim
  3. DC
  4. Dan
  5. Brian
  6. Will
  7. BK
  8. Kraft

Week 11 Match-Ups:

  1. BK vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  2. Team Motorboat vs. Dan
  3. Team Horse Face vs. Eli Esses D
  4. Kraft vs. The Slop Jocks

3 thoughts on “Derek Anderson Football — Week 11

  1. Haha. Appreciate that. Good knowledge for a Nomad. But, to paraphrase Colonel Slade, you know why I got the name wrong? Cause its not important to me to get it right.

  2. 1. St. Pierre
    2. Thigpen
    3. DA
    4. Campbell
    5. Farve
    6. Cutler
    7. Troy Smith
    8. Hasselbeck
    9. McCoy
    10. Schaub
    11. Eli Manning
    12. McNabb
    13. Fitzpatrick
    14. Vince Young
    15. Detroit
    16. Bradford

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