Derek Anderson Football — Week 9


It's Pronounced Gay-bull.


About time for an Eagle to grace the old DA marquee, is it not?  I bet a lot of people would take the guaranteed points, and select Dangerous Doug Pederson.  It’s an understandable move, but I don’t like to be so predictable.  I’m going back into the Eagles archives to visit that QB atrocity that was the ’91 season.  I was a burgeoning football fan, and that was the year that Randall went down against the Packers.  Well, the parade of quarterbacks that followed started with Jim McMahon.  He’d go down as well and that allowed one Brad Goebel to get a shot at leading the Birds.  Biggest waste of a defense in the history of football?  Probably.  For some reason I remember some optimism surrounding Goebel, or perhaps people were just on board for the underdog story, but nothing in his stats inspires any hope.  He was dreadful, across the board.  The peak of his powers was a 13-6 loss to the Saints where Roger Ruzek provided the only Philly points.  Goebel was 12/22 for 106 yards and 4 INTs.

DA Standings:

  1. The Slop Jocks 5-3
  2. BK 5-3
  3. Neckbeards and Codeine 5-3
  4. Kraft 4-4
  5. Team Motorboat 4-4
  6. Team Horse Face 4-4
  7. Dan 3-5
  8. Eli Esses D for Food Stamps 2-6

Draft Order Week Nine:

  1. BK
  2. Kraft
  3. Nichols
  4. Tim
  5. DC
  6. Dan
  7. Brian
  8. Will

Week Nine Matchups:

  1. BK vs. Team Motorboat
  2. Team Horse Face vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  3. Kraft vs. Eli Esses D
  4. The Slop Jocks vs. Dan

4 thoughts on “Derek Anderson Football — Week 9

  1. I hate picking first, i always feel like the Blazers with the Oden-Durant dilemma. Where do you go? There are so many deserving candidates out there….

  2. Brad Goebel. Hysterical. Totally forgot about the guy.

    Was this the same season that Pat Ryan and Jeff Kemp wound up at the helm for a few games? Or was that some other atrocity of a season.

  3. Yeah, that was the year. I know McMahon got hurt, they went to Goebel, McMahon came back…then Kemp appeared. I don’t know how Pat Ryan got in there.

    I just remember Randall got hurt, they went 10-6, and finished 3rd in the division. Odd, odd year.

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