Derek Anderson Football — Week 6.


Want to Save a Roster Spot? Call Tupa.


This week I wanted to share a story with a happy ending.  Maybe there is something out there for all these horrible quarterbacks.  Maybe they have a future that doesn’t include blowing through their signing bonuses.  Look at Tom Tupa.  Golden Boy.  Straight out of Ohio State to the Cardinals.  Tupa was given the reins in ’91 with pretty horrific results.  He bounced around, was out of the league for a while, but eventually caught on as a punter.  By the late 90s he was making Pro Bowls.  The key is to have a well-rounded skill set.  Tupa knew what was up.  And, thank god the guy could kick, because he wasn’t much of a thrower.  His signature DA game?  How about October 15th 1989 against the Philadelphia Eagles?  Tupa went 16 of 41 with six picks in a 17-5 loss to the Birds.  I’ll repeat that final score.  17-5.

DA Standings:

  1. Team Motorboat 4-1
  2. Neckbeards and Codeine 3-2
  3. The Slop Jocks 3-2
  4. Kraft 3-2
  5. BK 2-3
  6. Team Horse Face 2-3
  7. Eli Esses D for Food Stamps 2-3
  8. Dan 1-4

Week Six Draft Order:

  1. Dan
  2. Brian
  3. Will
  4. BK
  5. Kraft
  6. Nichols
  7. Tim
  8. DC

Week Six Match-Ups:

  1. BK vs. Team Horse Face
  2. Kraft vs. Team Motorboat
  3. Dan vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  4. Eli Esses D for Food Stamps vs. The Slop Jocks

10 thoughts on “Derek Anderson Football — Week 6.

  1. Wasn’t there a game where Tupa punted AND played QB? I think he was the third string QB, and both guys went down, so he did both for maybe a half or a quarter? For the Jets possibly? Either way, the Giants should bring him in, this slop they have kicking now is an abomination.

    And yes, I’m picking the Lions this week. The Shaun Hill Show takes us down. Look out world. Suh might knock out Eli and/or Bradshaw. O-line will have their hands full with him.

    Nahhhh……actually that can’t happen, can it?

  2. BK gets 15/16, so shift accordingly:

    6 young–tim
    12. Sanchez–will
    13. Kolb–bri
    14. Farve–dan

  3. pretty big monday night game for DA…

    Kraft needs garrard to score some points for him, and will needs young to light up jax to make up the huge lead that Campbell gave Tim….

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