D.A. Football — Week 3.

Hobby Boying!

My favorite thing happening in the Kolb/Vick QB debate is listening to people compare Kevin Kolb to Aaron Rodgers. It’s hilarious.  Especially when you could just as easily compare him to Matt Moore.  The refreshing thing is I’m hearing more and more people is that are in my camp, the one that thinks they can play Kolb until soccer is king and he’s not going to win in this league.  The real haters like to point to the famous career of one Bobby Hoying.  A Madden legend, and the poster boy for college QBs from good programs with horrid arms.  Steve Walsh, I’m looking at you, kid.

Anyway, Hoying burst onto the scene with 4 TD passes in a win over Cincinnati on November 30th, 1997.  It wasn’t the best of times here in Philly and Hoying was a refreshing face.  A savior, even.  The next week he threw 3 picks, but was still “given the keys” (my hated sports cliche of the week) for the 1998 season.  The experiment fizzled out pretty quickly.  Hoying bottomed out in a 34-0 loss to Dallas.  He went 13 of 39 for 124 yards and threw two picks.  Hoying’s miss as the next great Eagles QB eventually opened the door for Don McNabb to arrive, so maybe this Kolb thing can have some type of happy ending.

DA Standings:

  1. Eli Fellates Men for Grocery Tickets 2-0
  2. Team Motorboat 2-0
  3. The Slop Jocks 2-0
  4. Kraft 1-1
  5. Team Horseface 1-1
  6. Dan 0-2
  7. Neckbeards and Codeine 0-2
  8. BK 0-2

Week Three Draft Order:

  1. Nichols
  2. Tim
  3. DC
  4. Dan
  5. Brian
  6. Will
  7. BK
  8. Kraft

Week Three Match-Ups:

  1. BK (Garrard & Henne) vs. Dan (Sanchez & Bradford)
  2. Kraft (Gradkowski & Anderson) vs. Team Horseface (Clausen & Young)
  3. The Slop Jocks (Wallace & Hasselbeck) vs. Neckbeards and Codeine (Freeman & Batch)
  4. Team Motorboat (Fitzpatrick and Cutler) vs. Eli S’s D for Food Stamps (Hill & Cassell)

17 thoughts on “D.A. Football — Week 3.

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  2. Hurry up Nichols, time is a wastin’. If you have any sack, you’d draft Freeman/Batch as a combo. I think the league should allow that. In this instance, he should be able to draft the entire game i think. It might be the apocalypse, plus we’ll be making Nichols watch what could be the worst football game ever. BATCH! FREEMAN! TAMPA BAY IN ORANGE! TERRIBLE TOWELS!!! It’s NFL football on CBS!!!!!!

  3. Wow, homunculus. that one sent me to wiki…

    Proud to announce the first two picks for week three:

    1. Ryan Fitzpatrick
    2. Seneca Wallace

    A newcomer and a nice bump for Wallace who has to face the Ravens.

  4. 1. fitzy
    2. wallace
    3. clausen
    4. sanchez
    5. freeman
    6. hill
    7. garrard
    8. gradkowski
    9. DA
    10. Henne
    11. Cassell
    12. Batch
    13. Bradford
    14. Young
    15. Hasselbeck
    16. Cutler

  5. Rough Week For DA…Dead Opposite of Last Week…

    1. Interceptions–6 points
    2. Pick Six-10 points
    3. Touchdowns–(-4) points
    4. Fumbles–2 points
    5. Getting Sacked–1 point
    6. Taking a Safety–4 points
    7. Every Yard Under 100 yards passing –1/4 point
    8. Every Yard Over 250 yards passing–(-1/4) point
    9. Incompletions–2 points
    10. Completions (-1) point
    11. Team Loss–5 points
    12. Team Win Scoring 13 points or Less–2 points
    13. Team Win Scoring 14-20 points–0 points
    14. Team Win Scoring 21-30 points (-2) points
    15. Team Win Scoring 31+ points (-5) points

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