DA Fantasy Football –Week 2.

Week Two Poster Boy.

Good Old Joey Harrington.  What an asset he’d be in DA.  The guy could be flat out terrible.  Harrington was the closing argument in the groundbreaking case of “Fantasy Football Owners vs. The Oregon Alumni Association.”  Harrington also miserably fails the “name” and “face” tests.  He’s a parasol away from looking like he’s going to your little sister’s birthday party.  And Joey?  Really?  Pre-Schoolers and really bad sitcoms are named Joey.  Not NFL QBs.  Let’s all take a moment to reflect on one of Harrington’s great DA moments, and he had plenty.  But, on October 19th, 2003 Harrington was extra special against Dallas.  That day he went 5 of 13 for 30 yards and 2 picks.  Rating?  7.1.  My favorite stat of all though, Adjusted yards per attempt…(-4.62).   So, every time Harrington dropped back that day the average result was worse than taking a knee.  That’s DA.

Week Two Draft Order:

  1. Kraft
  2. Nichols
  3. Tim
  4. DC
  5. Dan
  6. Brian
  7. Will
  8. BK

Week Two Matchups:

  1. BK (Wallace & Orton) vs. Team Motorboat (Dixon & Garrard)
  2. Team Horseface (Edwards & Campbell) vs. Neckbeards and Codeine (Bradford & Moore)
  3. Kraft (Hill & Young) vs. Eli Interacts With Male Parts for Food Stamps (Freeman & DA)
  4. Dan (Sanchez & Henne) vs. The Slop Jocks (Smith & Cassell).


  1. Kraft 1-0
  2. Eli S’s D for Food Stamps 1-0
  3. The Slop Jocks 1-0
  4. Team Motorboat 1-0
  5. Dan 0-1
  6. Neckbeards and Codeine 0-1
  7. BK 0-1
  8. Team Horseface 0-1

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11 thoughts on “DA Fantasy Football –Week 2.

  1. Some Unofficial Week 2 Scores:

    1. DA 30
    2. Young 29.5
    3. Garrard 28
    4. Moore 27
    5. Wallace 26
    6. Edwards 24
    7. Dixon 23.5
    8. Cassell 21
    9. Campbell 16.25
    10. Bradford 14
    11. Hill 4.75
    12. Freeman 4
    13. Henne 1
    14. Sanchez (-14)
    15. Orton (-31.25)

    *The Neckbeards/Horseface match-up is obscenely close and the Eli/Kraft is even closer, so I’ll be checking the numbers again tmmrw or check your own numbers.

  2. Joe Flacco went ahead and put up 52 DA points yesterday. That is big time. And Carson Palmer had 23 DA points of his own. Combined stinker of the week, no?

  3. Thanks for checking. If you are in a close game, I’ll be looking at the games again and sending you a line by line breakdown of the score.

    And yes, it can’t be said enough, Flacco was terrible.

  4. It is 17.25 for Campbell and 28.5 for Young. apologies to Brian and Kraft for the unofficial scoring tease…

    It’s DA Fantasy Football. C’est la vie.

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