Derek Anderson Football — Week 4.

Super Bowl DA.

I’ll admit that I wanted to mix things up a bit this week, so I had to do some research.  I thought, why focus all this DA attention on regular season games?  Bad quarterback play has been an integral part of the playoffs for years.  In fact, the Super Bowl has seen some historically bad QB performances.  Kerry Collins?  Tony Eason’s smooth 0-6 before being pulled against Chicago?  They look like amateur hour compared to the career of Craig Morton.  Morton had a long and very average career (statistically), but he was good enough to get himself into two Super Bowls.  What he did there is what sets him apart.  In those two contests, Morton was 16 of 41 for 166 yards.  He threw 1 touchdown and 7 picks. Career Super Bowl passer rating?  20.0.  Seems a bit high, doesn’t it?  Anyway, congrats to Craig Morton for sucking on the biggest stage.  We can only hope some of today’s awful QBs get their chance one day.

DA Standings:

  1. Team Motorboat 3-0
  2. Eli S’s D for Food Stamps 2-1
  3. Kraft 2-1
  4. The Slop Jocks 2-1
  5. Team Horseface 1-2
  6. Neckbeards and Codeine 1-2
  7. BK 1-2
  8. Dan 0-3

Week Four Draft Order:

  1. Tim
  2. DC
  3. Dan
  4. Brian
  5. Will
  6. BK
  7. Kraft
  8. Nichols

Week Four Match-Ups:

  1. BK (Delhomme & Cutler) vs. Neckbeards and Codeine (Batch & Hasselbeck)
  2. Kraft (DA & Gradkowksi) vs. The Slop Jocks (Clausen & Sanchez)
  3. Team Motorboat (Smith & Flacco) vs. Dan (Hill & Bradford)
  4. Team Horseface (Fitzpatrick & Young) vs. Eli Esses D for Food Stamps (Garrard & Palmer)

Previous Weeks Here.


13 thoughts on “Derek Anderson Football — Week 4.

  1. Trent Edwards lands safely in Jacksonville.

    I imagine he’ll start by week 6. Then, they’ll go back to Garrard. Then Edwards again. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Well, I can’t say this comes as much of a surprise, but the first pick for week is the one and only Jimmy Clausen.

    First week of the byes, the Brett Favre cherry will have to wait another week to get broken…

  3. I feel a little lost without old reliable Trent Edwards. But I feel confident enough in the horribleness of the Buffalo Bills offense that my pick is Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  4. **just a note, most everyone has been sending me delhomme/wallace as a unit. So, that’s how I’ve been treating them. I think Delhomme is starting today.

    6. Delhomme/Wallace
    7. DA
    8. Smith
    9. Flacco
    10. Gradkowski
    11. Cutler
    12. Palmer
    13. Hasselbeck
    14. Bradford
    15. Young
    16. Sanchez

  5. I have a sneaking suspicion the Bills will be pulling off an upset today. Jets coming off an emotional home win against their “rival”, Fitzy comes through and Ralph Wilson stadium rocks.

  6. Easily, and I mean EASILY the worst combination of line play and a QB holding the ball I’ve ever seen. Incredible stuff.

    If the Giants could do anything on offense it’d be 31-0 and I’d be looking like a genius.

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