Let’s Prepare For the Worst.

Are We Sure About This Week Off?

Are We Sure About This Week Off?

The Ravens/49ers Super Bowl is upon us.  There is no turning back now.  Regrettably, the term “Har-bowl” is now a part of our lexicon.  Years from now, when people talk about this game, they’ll say, “Oh, right.  That was the Har-bowl.”  Everyone knows it’s corny, lacks even a drop of creativity and yet we can’t help ourselves.  So, Har-Bowl it is: will we get through it?

Who We Should Blame for the Har-Bowl (In no particular order):

1.  Matt Ryan.  Ryan is really good at throwing balls up for Julio Jones.  Is that dismissive enough?  The Falcons had another great 1st half, had the Niners secondary looking confused, and Ryan fit the ball into some real small windows.  But, they do play a 2nd half.  Ryan had costly turnovers, and had the ball in the Red Zone at the end and couldn’t get it done.

2.  Falcons defense.  The bottom line is, this group isn’t good enough to win a Super Bowl.  Their good 1st halves the last two weeks I think were more a product of young QB over-stimulation.  Once Wilson and Kaepernick settled in, it was free rein up and down the field.  Without a goal line fumble and the Akers shankola, the Niners pull away.

3.  Harry Douglas.  After the teams traded mistakes and turnovers, Douglas was wide open on a 3rd down play and tripped over himself?  Over a yard line?  Regardless, he tumbled to the ground and kinda maintained possession, but blew a sure TD that would have put Atlanta back in front.

4. Wes Welker.  Welker had a huge drop in the 3rd quarter that stopped a Patriot drive and allowed Baltimore to build some momentum.  He’s a unique player, but for someone limited in what he can do down the field, there have been too many instances of Welker drops in recent years? Gisele, thoughts?

5. Tom Brady.  Brady is now 8-7 in the post-season since winning his last Super Bowl and has lost several times as a prohibitive favorite.  He appeared to get worse as the game went on Sunday.  Brady will be 36 next year, which is startling to me, because I still think of Brady as someone who has plenty of time left.  He doesn’t.

6. Bill Belichick.  Was he out-coached?  For a guy who is considered the greatest coach in the last twenty years, he seems to have a weakness in the Ravens.  In many of New England’s big losses of the last four or five years, it’s been the offense coming up short.  Something that works so well in the regular season isn’t translating in the Super Bowls and in other playoff games.  Does the hoodie need to recognize this and change philosophy a bit?  Do the Pats need a deep threat?

7. Joe Flacco.  Flacco was shockingly inaccurate with some of his punts on Sunday.  Just lobbing and lofting the ball up and missing receivers by a wide margin.  Yet somehow he managed to not throw an interception, to lead a couple long TD drives and even scamper for a long TD.  Who would have thought?


Playoff Pick Standings: 

  1. Grossy, 8-1-1
  2. Kraft, 6-3-1
  3. DC, 5-4-1
  4. Nichols, 4-5-1
  5. Big Dub, 3-6-1


In regard to the Har-Bowl, you won’t be seeing much more about it here until the end of next week.  I’m going to try to do my part to spare your gag reflex.  That means I’ll need some other things to talk about, so feel free to leave a suggestion or two.  The Flyers are 0-2.  AKA, o for 4% of the SEASON.  Time to panic.  Flyers Kitten is still stuck in Slovakia, trying to get out of a contract he signed during the lockout.


21 thoughts on “Let’s Prepare For the Worst.

  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t really see the evidence of “sabotage.” An idea can be a bad one without it necessarily being conspiratorial.

  2. This story is strange as hell. Why has he been sitting on this for so long?

    I heard an interview with Lincoln Kennedy on the drive home today and he said he didn’t quite remember it the same way. He said that he remembered them running the ball early and then having to throw it when they got behind quick.

    He said the real problem was TB knew their check downs and audibles. They were literally calling out the play that was going to be run. Apparently this contributed to Gannon’s 5 Picks and 3 Pick-6s. Can we have a side-discussion about those numbers? Jesus.

    Anyway, he went on to say that Callahan changed basically nothing from Gruden’s system (at the players’ request) and they only ran a handful of plays the majority of the time.

    So, I think Oakland was woefully unprepared and stupid. Was it because he secretly didn’t like the Raiders? That seems a bit far-fetched. He’s sabotaging himself there as well.

  3. Meanwhile, the Phillies sign Delmon Young, because why not? You never stop accumulating outfielders who can’t play the outfield. They could be better off just letting Revere play center and having the other six guys line up around the edge of the infield dirt–take away every ground ball.

      • haha. there is a tweet from Jim Salisbury that says he’s going to play RF, which is either a typo or too hilarious to even comment on.

        *just reading crashburn alley on the move now. wow, that’s negative. and, some real high-level sarcasm.

      • I personally liked the line about: “Delmon Young: the former No. 1 overall pick with character, weight and baseball ability issues.”

  4. Espn reports Jamarcus Russell is attempting a comeback, he weighed 320 and is now down to a svelte 308. I’d like to take him with the 1st pick in the 2013 week 1 DA draft. Thank you.

  5. My favorite Delmon Young tidbit of the day: last season 20 walks, 20 GIDP.

    That’s not easy to do.

    Ruben on radio “I don’t care about walks, I care about production.”

    My follow up: Are walks not productive? Here I was all this time thinking a walk got you to 1st base.

  6. Just read Delmon’s incentives- he basically makes another $600,000 by being under 235 lbs for the season- the team gets to weigh him randomly, and the 1st 3 times he has to be under 230, and the last 3 ‘weigh ins’ he has to be 235. He gets $100k for beating the scale each time. I think he is allowed 1 anti-Semitic slur and hotel altercation this year, but it must be after the all-star break.

  7. Normally this would lead Young to coming into camp, “in the best shape of this life,” and then slowly putting back on all the weight over the course of the year. But, since he’s coming off ankle surgery, I’m not sure how many of these bonuses he’s going to collect.

  8. I hadn’t seen that link. I was half waiting to see a JCK entry video with a headband and a Ron Mercer jersey….i love it. I like how he gets so much trash talked in his direction saying that he sucks, then he does go out and stomp everyone.

  9. Is tonight a must-win for the Flyers? Sadly I have to go out to dinner with the outlaws. Who makes dinner plans when the Flyers play the Rangers during a shortened season? At least it’s sushi.

  10. I don’t think it’s must win, and with Hartnell and Schenn out you better hope it’s not, because they’re probably going down. I’ll be out at dinner too, which is fine, because if they lose I don’t want to see it and they win, they’ll be 1-3.

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