A Gunner Captivates The Nation.

A Gunner Captivates The Nation.

I’m due to write a post here.  Tap, tap.  Is this blog on?  I feel that by blogging just part-time I skip over a lot of things I would have mentioned in the past.  What’s worthy of a post and what isn’t?  My standards have become so elitist.  I’m an Ivy League school shooing away legacies.  But, I’ve got some time here, so I’m just going to throw some stuff together quickly, in case anyone was dying to comment.

I’ll start with what you are watching above.  That’s Marshall Henderson nearly inciting a riot after a road win at Auburn.  Henderson has shot to fame in the last 48 hours thanks to his antic-ridden performances and a piece over at Deadspin that examines this unique antagonist.  There are too many great things going on in the picture up there to mention, but what I want to talk about is the gunner phenomenon.  For me, the lower the level of play the more likely you are to encounter a guy like Marshall Henderson.  Right now at the Y there is a guy doing something like this, it’s just you don’t get to see them.  For it to penetrate the upper levels of college basketball, or the NBA is pretty rare, so that’s why people will gravitate toward Henderson.  He reminds them of the kid hoisting up 30-footers in intramurals.  


Florida, If You Can Believe It.

Florida, If You Can Believe It.

Nothing makes me buckle with envy quite like someone who is in the upscale golf resort rotation.  The people who take “Bandon Trips,” or shoot over to Scotland, or hit Pebble every year, Whistling Straits, Kiawah, Sea Island–you know the names.  You’ve got to go to Bandon, they’ll say.  And then I’ll say, you’ve got to loan me five grand.  Needless to say there is plenty of competition for these golf travel dollars.  One of the newest entries is Streamsong a 36-hole resort near Fort Meade Florida, some sixty miles east of Tampa in Central Florida.  If you’re at all familiar with Florida, you’ll know this is the middle of nowhere.  But recent history has proven people will travel to the golf and they’re going to travel to Streamsong a site crafted by decades of phosphate mining.  The courses are designed by the minimalistic masters, Tom Doak and Coore and Crenshaw.   There’s a spa, fine dining, guest suites–everything you need.  Just bring your wallet.  


Speaking of golf, Tiger won the 75th event of his career on Monday at Torrey Pines.  It was his 7th win of the Farmers nee Buick and he added an 8th win when the U.S. Open was at Torrey in 2008.  Tiger essentially lapped the field, stretching the lead to eight shots before coming home in 39.  He won by four, but some of the media was left a bit underwhelmed by his efforts.  I said this in the comments section yesterday, but the media no longer knows how to cover Woods.  There’s really no template for his career, or his talent level.  The win bodes well for Tiger’s year.  I’d expect a minimum of four wins, but the majors is what we’ll all be waiting for.  Will Tiger slip on the green jacket?  And, will Lindsay Vonn be there cheering him on?  


Philadelphia Sports Round-Up:  

Phillies:  The Phillies have brought back Chad Durbin.  They’ve invited Yuniesky Betancourt to Spring Training.  There is a debate going on at one of the sabermetric websites over whether Betancourt could be the worst position player of the 21st century.  They make an argument.  That’s all I’ll say.  The Phillies, with the possible exception of the Mike Adams signing, haven’t done anything too exciting this off-season.  The general plan for the Phils seems to be HOPE.  The 2013 season brought to you by Barack Obama.  Hope everyone stays healthy AND bounces back to near-prime form.  Seems reasonable.  We’ll get into this a bit deeper once Spring Training Starts.  

Eagles:  The Eagles are still looking for a defensive coordinator, but it’s mostly an afterthought, because I get the impression the fans just want to start cleaning house.  They want to see guys cut.  They want some new blood, the draft cannot come soon enough.  And, that’s probably the best result (to this point) of bringing in Chip Kelly.  A new coach in charge of reconstruction is all the fan base needs to kick start their excitement.  In my opinion, the Eagles need to get very young.  Lots of new, young faces, plan for the near future and don’t try to patch something together for 9 wins in 2013.  

Flyers:  The Flyers are 2-4 out of the gate.  They’re giving up a lot of goals.  Their young, talented offense hasn’t gotten into rhythm.  It wouldn’t be a case for massive concern, except the season is 1/8 complete. In the past, the Flyers blueprint would cause them to ship off young players and draft picks for veteran help in a time of need, but I think they’d be wise to hang on to their young forwards.  Just slip into the playoffs and see what happens.  That’s the NHL, and there’s still time for that.  Good news to this point:  It’s not Bryz’s fault.  

Sixers:  Andrew Bynum may return after the All-Star Break.  When is the NBA All-Star Break?  I DON’T KNOW.  Sixers can’t win two in a row, seem destined for an eight seed.  Doug Collins looks flustered.  


Quiz of the Day:  O” in History.  Category:  O-Something.  My Score: 15/20.  I may be getting dumber.  


Coming Later this week:  A mailbag–1st ever with only reader submitted questions.  Still time to get in on this historic event.  Questions to  And of course, the Super Bowl pick and other Super Bowl paraphernalia.  Maybe a menu preview?  What are you going to serve this year?  


12 thoughts on “Amalgamation?

  1. Why does spelling count for sporcle? And how great was Flacco’s response about next year’s Supe Bowl? That’s just retarded.

    • well, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. The person who makes the quiz has to enter the answers so sometimes they put in some common misspellings.

      Flacco really shows you the difference between north and south jersey. two different worlds. If he was from North Jersey instead of South, I doubt he makes those comments.

  2. Streamsong looks great and all but I’m having a hard time looking at those pictures and not imagining mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls.

  3. Is there a mosquito season? Or is that a year-round thing in Florida? I’d hose down in OFF if someone picked up the green fee. Of course, it looks like the kind of place that would put me in Horse Face by the 4th hole.

  4. Definitely no mosquitoes right now in Fla, as nice as it gets…fort Meade is the epitome of nowhere-ville. I would tell you that if you left the Streamsong facility for dinner, the finest restaurant you could see within 25-30 miles might be an Outback (if they even have that). Or Olive Garden if you are craving some fine Italian food.

  5. Pappa K’s friend just played StreamSong, played with Tom Doak actually. $400 for a round, at a public course-ouch. Said it was nice, but you could lose 10-12 golf balls on the first 5 holes. So basically the whole plan of playing there you have to resign yourself to a hefty, hefty bill.

  6. yeah, that’s crazy. I saw at certain times of the year the greens fee is 175, but once you throw in caddie and everything else…

    One of those places where if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

    I worked at a Doak course for a while. He’s not afraid to have people lose golf balls.

  7. If you have to pay $175 to play a Florida course in the summer you are getting robbed at gunpoint…it’s 110 degrees with 100% humidity and just is nowhere near enjoyable. I don’t care what course it is. The $175-$250 greens fee courses are $45-$50 in the summer

  8. That makes sense.

    I went back and searched and they were saying $115 dollars in July.

    So, still a ton, but not $175

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