The Super Bowl Pick.

Regardless of Outcome, We've Been Promised a Kate Upton Commercial.

Regardless of Outcome, We’ve Been Promised a Kate Upton Commercial.

Back in my youth there was a decent stretch of years where my family hosted a Super Bowl Party.   When I think about those parties now what strikes me is how few people actually watched the game.  The guests would come in, we’d take down a score for the pool, but after that I remember the TV being the loneliest place in the house.  Of course, these were the years of AFC destruction.  The Norwood game.  The unfortunate Humphries/Means Charger team, the year Dallas absolutely humiliated the Bills–there was a noticeable lack of drama.  But I’m not sure anyone really minded.  People ate food, they drank, they did a puzzle, I tried to drink 1,000 orange sodas and when the game was over you knew who won, but maybe not much more than that.

The games in recent years have become closer.  I have watched several last drives with keen focus, but I don’t recall giving any of the games my undivided attention.  The Super Bowl party is still too much of an event.  It’s a happening.  That’s why I’m really looking forward to Sunday even though I don’t have much of a rooting interest.  In fact, I can come up with reasons to root against each team.  Ray Lewis?  Meh.  And, while I know it’s been a while, I’m old enough to remember that this would be SF’s 6th Super Bowl win.  That’s pretty rare air.  Plus, if you’re waiting for your team to win, do you want to see Colin Kaepernick win in his 9th start when you’ve been through 9 starting QBs in four years?

The fear of seeing Ray Lewis crying and screaming in celebration though is muted by looking forward to some great food, some tasty beers and spending time with good people.  So, of course I’m disappointed that the football season is ending on Sunday, but that’s not just because we’re in a sports black hole and the Flyers stink.  It’s also because nothing quite brings people together like a football game on TV.  It’s going to be a while until that next gathering.

Now, on to the picks, where I’ll attempt to close out a 9-1-1, in which case I should surely retire.


Big Dub, 3-6-1

San Francisco (-3.5) over Baltimore.   I have no friggin idea here. Going with the idea that Baltimore is too slow on defense and won’t be able to stop Kaepernick. Did I just write that? This entire game is going to make sick. I hate the NFL.


DC, 5-4-1

San Franciso (-3.5) over Baltimore.  The Ravens won the AFC Championship Game by wearing out the Patriots.  During the second half, BAL was just faster on both sides of the ball.  I don’t know why that happened, but my feeling is that the 49ers will be a little more geeked up for this one and a little more physical on defense.  It’ll be a good game, I think, but in the end Frank Gore scores a couple times I think and Flacco has trouble with the vertical passing game.  SFO 27 BAL 19.


Kraft, 6-3-1

Baltimore (+3.5) over San Francisco.  I’ll take the points in what I think will be a very close game. I dislike the Ravens, but things seem to be lining up for them: the desperation 70 yd heave in Denver, Ray Lewis’ last run, NE playing a terrible game,etc. I guess I’ll take the veteran QB and the pts over the inexperienced Kaepernick. Either way, I’m going to spray some Deer Antler spray on some pizza & wings on Sunday night and see if I feel like I’m 18 again on Monday morning. Can’t wait until Chip Kelly is coaching in the Super Bowl next yr.


Grossy, 8-1-1

San Francisco (-3.5) over Baltimore.  

I’ve been staring at this line for two weeks.  It’s moved around a bit, going as high as five, but at any number I was surprised to see the Niners as definitive favorites.  I thought beating the Patriots would get Baltimore a little more respect.  Nope.  Combined with that is my year long distaste for the Ravens.  I think everything has broken right for them in these playoffs.  The miracle last second TD, they match up really well with New England.  I still think there’s time for it to blow up in their face.  San Francisco is just as good on defense, is more versatile on offense and their QB has two eyebrows.  What else do you need to know?  How about Ray Lewis won a Super Bowl MVP while I was in college.  I’m old as dirt.  So, Lewis must be too.  He’s done.  Party like it’s 1989 and you’re John Tyler–Niners all day.


10 thoughts on “The Super Bowl Pick.

  1. I cannot believe that fake FG attempt. You have total control of the game, keep putting pts on the board…did he let a fan call that play or think he was playing madden?

  2. I think the fake FG was an audible actually, one of those plays where if the defense does X the FG team automatically does Y.

    Atrocious game, and thanks New Orleans for being the most inept Super Bowl host. Is there anyone worse than the SF offensive coordinator? You have Gore, James and CK and you don’t run one of your pistol/read option plays in the red zone on 4 straight downs? What about Vernon Davis in the red zone? 4 straight of the worst play calls, for a second i had to google to make sure Kevin KillDrive wasn’t filling in as a “guest coordinator”.

  3. That was the worst close game I’ve ever seen. SF buckled early and they buckled late. The two turnovers were huge.

    I think the blackout thing was totally overblown. If I heard one more time how it changed the momentum, I was going to vomit. They came out immediately after that and punted. The momentum changed because SF stopped playing like ass, and Baltimore is old and awful.

    I can’t believe how Joe Flacco throws a few punts into blown coverages and now he’s a big time QB.

    All I hear is Wah, wah, wah, the football season is over. For most fan bases the season has been over for weeks, or months. That was the worst Super Bowl in recent memory and if you’re missing that trash, you’ve got issues.

    Consider this my post on the game.

  4. Shane Flacco really redeemed himself from that terrible Sugar Bowl game. His team leaned on him, and he crumbled. But this time, he found the strength to get them through.

    Seriously, I don’t understand the infatuation with making him a “big time QB”. His big play was a back shoulder throw-which he never should have audibled to anyway-which Boldin had to make a great play on to even get the reception. I thought CK outplayed him, despite his turnovers.

  5. Your on point with Boldin- huge game, made great plays. That back shoulder throw on 3rd & 4 millimeters was a ridiculous gamble. That guy had great coverage and he made the play. Ever since he had his jaw wired shut and still played, I’ve had a ton of respect for him.

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