Pool Standings, Dunk City and Some Light to Moderate Gloating.

Florida Golf Coast

Florida Golf Coast

I missed both Florida Gulf Coast wins.  I feel a little cheated, but I saw the Dunk City video, so I think I got the general idea of what the team is about.   Florida Gulf Coast is the team of the 1st week of the tournament, and that’s one of the compelling things about how this plays out in stages.  There’s a pretty good chance FGCU will be out by this weekend and we’ll slowly forget about them, but that won’t diminish the excitement of their two wins.  They took over the Wells Fargo Center and I think the adopted underdog is one of the few positives about games at a neutral site.  A few minutes into the game on Friday, and Georgetown might as well have had USSR on their jerseys.  

Speaking of which, how about the pool standings:  

1.  The Steubenville Gambler 51 points.  Only BK could be responsible for this team name, but 51 points through two rounds is awfully gaudy.  Fifty-Five points leads all of Yahoo’s 3 million+ brackets for perspective.  Best pick was Wichita State in Sweet 16.   Has slightly unconventional MSU/Kansas Final.  

2. Lawrence Moten 47 points.  “Poetry In,” had Oregon in the Sweet 16, a solid pick, and has Louisville and Miami meeting in the final.  

3. Jamie Moyer 45 points.  Moyer has a perfect Midwest Region, which is pretty amazing, and has Indiana topping Duke in the Final.  

4. Claire’s Champion Bracket 44 points.  The leader in the auto-name division has Louisville winning as well, but is the only one of the leaders to have lost a Final Four team (Gonzaga).  

5. Three Putt Territory 44 points.  I rarely do well in my own contest, but I’m hanging in there for now despite being down two Elite 8 teams.  Probably a 2nd or 3rd place ceiling.   

Several other teams are bunched right up behind the top-5, and overall it was a solid performance by the blog readers.  Clearly, I’m lording over a real wealth of basketball knowledge here.  Looking forward to seeing how this plays out and who will get bragging rights for the year…


Picks Against the Spread:

Grossy (0 college basketball games watched:  5-3

Big Dub (Jay Bilas Jr.):  4-6, but had Florida Gulf Coast

Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be back for some round 4* picks.


I think that’s about it for now.  I’m going to watch the end of Tiger vs. Rickie Monday finish.  I think flat brim is going to come up a bit short, which means Tiger will be back to #1 in the World.  Rory can stop worrying about his clubs, and start worrying about Tiger killing everyone again.  The question: Is Tiger putting better, or has he just memorized the greens at Bay Hill?  We’ll find out at Augusta.  Tiger is down to 3/1 and dropping.  Almost reminiscent of the days when Tiger was even money to win every major.  

For the rest of the week, depending on my time, I’ll be looking to squeeze in my MLB prospect obsession post, some type of Phillies/MLB preview, more basketball picks like I mentioned and perhaps another mailbag (scroll down if you missed the one from Saturday).  That seems a bit ambitious.  Prospect obsessions may get pushed to next week.  



2 thoughts on “Pool Standings, Dunk City and Some Light to Moderate Gloating.

  1. Steubenville gambler? Good lord. You’ve always had a talent for offending people. I will say your bracket is extremely impressive- good luck the rest of the way.
    And props to Lawrence Moten- my love of mediocre old school names spans mulitple sports, and Moten is a good one. High socks, smooth 2 guard. They had some battles with nova and Kerry kittles, Eric Eberz, chuckle kornegay, Jason Lawson…

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