Quick Thursday Night Picks

Seems Like Most People Like Ernie Tonight.

Seems Like Most People Like Ernie Tonight.

Happy Opening Thursday Night, Everyone!  I can actually remember the inaugural Thursday Night clash.  Or, at least what was the 1st one in my mind.  New England played someone.  I was a bar in Conshy (Smoke-A-Hos? Bergeys?) that is now the home to several beautifully constructed town homes.  Anyway, that was a while ago, because it was after the Patriots won a Super Bowl and I actually was out drinking.  How times change.  Tonight I may nurse one before tuning out in the 3rd quarter–at the latest.  Of course, I don’t have a fantasy interest and I won’t pick the game either.  I can’t have an 0-1 for the year hanging over my head for two days.  But, there are braver souls out there…

Big Dub H (2012 Record, 46-37-2)

Denver (-8) over Baltimore.  It should be Denver -18. I always told myself that whenever a Super Bowl champ opens up on the road against a team it eliminated in the playoffs the previous year and is more than a touchdown dog then I would lay the points. Toss in some punctuation. Such a scenario has presented itself.

DC (2012 Record, 46-38-1)

Denver (-8) over Baltimore.  My impression is that this line is a trap, but I can’t decide who is being trapped.  Is it the people who are irrationally excited about the Broncos or the people who see the defending super bowl champion and JOE FLACCO!! and think that +8 points is easy money?  My take is that the extra point is a signal that the Broncos are going to run away with this.  DEN 35 BAL 12.


There you go, folks.  Chalk city, USA.  That’s it for now.  And also no DA action on Joe Flacco tonight.  I guess that Super Bowl win really scared people off.  People might be kicking themselves if he repeatedly hits Champ Bailey in the chest.


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