Thursday Night Picks Already.

Brady and Edelman Bond Over Flow...

Brady and Edelman Bond Over Flow…



If Geno Smith pops out to short, in the haunting twilight, do not worry.  Julian Edelman will not lose the ball in the lights.  Neither will Tom Brady.  Brady has gone from Welker, to Amendola, to Edelman.  I’m not sure what the plan is if Edelman were to go down.  Is Jeremy Bloom available?  Chad Hall?  Can Tebow play the slot?  I DON’T KNOW.  What we do know is that Edelman went from about 8% ownership in fantasy leagues to must start in 4 days.  That’s because Tom Brady has to throw the ball to someone.  It’s science.

Not the most appealing Thursday night game.  Brady’s supporting cast is at a real low water mark thanks to injury and felony, so it’s a bit harder for the Patriots to light you up for a quick 40.  Of course, any team will look like the Belle of the Ball next to the Jets.  A sorry collection of slop, who might actually be due for a letdown after that emotional win over the Bucs in week one.  Was that New York’s Super Bowl?  Could have been.

The Patriots have that obligatory, big-old number, coming off a failed double digit cover last week.  Will anyone go there?  Of course…

Big Dub, Record: 4-1

New England (-11.5) over New York Jets:  t’s funny how everyone is looking at the negatives of New England and not looking at the negatives on the Jets side. I hear about the Pats being thin at receiver. Really? Who do the Jets have? The public says the Pats are thin at running back. Who do the Jets have? Basically both teams have issues. But the Pats have Tom and the Jets have Geno.

JCK, Record: 1-4

New England (-11.5) over New York Jets.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Picks Already.

  1. Jeremy Bloom shout out. That is strong.
    When the pats are hurting for receivers don’t they usually just bring back Jabar Gaffney or reacquire Deion branch? What about David givens?

  2. wow…i have to say i even like TB in that awful hair photo…

    JCK, I’m a lil worried about the season. lil worried.

    but we’ll take 2 and zero.


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