Tuesday Morning Self Esteem Check.

The NFC East in Pictures.

The NFC East in Pictures.

What I’d like to do is take the next 500 words to complain about my fantasy football team, but I’m better than that.  I’ll spare you.  Five big things from week 2…

1.  The Eagles Defense is as Advertised.  I’m not a football historian.  No one will ever confuse me with a member of a Sabol family, but I can’t remember a game where a team picked up 3rd downs with such ease.  If you asked me to guess, I’d say the Chargers were 19-20 on 3rd downs.  Is that close?  And it was always someone running free over the middle of the field.  I wondered aloud, is there 10 guys out there?  Of course, I guess playing with Philly’s safeties is a bit like being undermanned. The Eagles have enough problems and a hard enough schedule that they can’t afford to lose a game like that to San Diego at home if they are going anywhere.  Of course, maybe they aren’t going anywhere.  If they lose to Andy Reid on Thursday, I’m not sure the city will be able to go on.

2.  The NFC East is an embarrassment.  It’s everything the NFC West used to be–and so much more.  Is Dallas the best team in the division?  Dallas, who needed NY to hand them the game for their only win?  Is it Philly, who appears intent on giving up 500 points?  Surely it’s not Washington (0-2) who only gets comfortable once they’re down 4 TDs.  And, the Giants haven’t sniffed the winner’s circle either, and didn’t look particularly close to getting there on Sunday.  By the fourth quarter I’m fairly sure Archie and Olivia had put Eli up for adoption.  So, assuming these teams knock each other around, and they tank outside of the division, what’s it going to take for 1st place?  Nine wins is the absolute ceiling.

3. I hate to say it, but I guess Seattle is the best team in the NFL.  You can’t beat them at home.  It’s not possible, so that makes them the best team in the league at least 1/2 of the time.  I don’t know of another team that can make that claim.  I’m not sure about them on the road, and they do rely an awful lot on Marshawn Lynch, but what they did to San Francisco was troubling.  That wasn’t close.  I cannot imagine what is going to happen to Jacksonville in Seattle this week.  I’m not sure that Henne to Harbor is enough to keep things respectable.  Play along as the spread races toward 20 points.

4.  Aaron Rodgers is so good, it’s disgusting.  It’s a shame that Green Bay toned things down in the second half, because it cost Rodgers some stupid numbers and also cost us the chance to point and Washington and laugh because they gave up 60 points.  That was 34-42 for 480 yards and 4 TDs for Rodgers.  A QB rating of 146.  If you add up Mark Sanchez’s QB rating in his last five starts you might not get to 146.  146?  Are they using the metric system?  And, so at the end of the day, with all the hype surrounding Wilson, Kaepernick, Luck and the rest, and all the gushing reviews about leadership and wanting to start a team around this guy, or that guy, if you took anyone aside from Rodgers 1st overall in a new NFL draft right now–you are insane.  He’s 29.  He’s a machine.  Let’s move on.

5.  It appears I was wrong about the Ravens.  Big time.  They are terrible. This is another dreadful division, though Cincy would be a solid team if they didn’t have being THE BENGALS hanging over their head all the time.  When you can’t put together a convincing win over the Browns, at home, coming off an ass-kicking, when they are putting up your Super Bowl banner?  Trouble.  Maybe they do miss Ray-Ray’s dancing.


NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:

  1. Big Dub, 7-3
  2. Grossy, 7-3
  3. Kraft, 6-3-1
  4. DC, 4-5-1
  5. JCK, 3-7
  6. Nichols, 3-7


The “Great Sleeping Weather” Pick of the Week:  Grossy, Oakland (-5).

Whoa, hey, a 4-1 week.  I’ll take it.  One week at a time.  A pretty good week overall for the experts here and some good consensus games as well–Denver, Cincy, etc.  That’s rare and gratifying.  I’m choosing myself, because deep down I am a very vain person, but also, there aren’t many chances to pick the Raiders over the course of the year.  You have to be pretty in tune to bad football to be able to sniff these out, and I’d like to think I am very in tune with bad football.  It would have been easy to take New Orleans, or jump on the Chip bandwagon, but all these games count the same in the standings, don’t be afraid to support the black hole.

The “Jacksonville” Awful Pick of the Week:  Kraft, Philadelphia (-7.5)

If only that half point would have scared him away.  It wasn’t a good week to bet on your team.  JCK also lost with NE, but I chose this pick to remind everyone how dangerous hope can be.  This isn’t an Obama campaign poster.  This is the NFL.  Go back and read Kraft’s pick.  It’s bursting with optimism.  It’s so bright and cheery.  I’m an Eagles fan.  It’s a good week to be an Eagles fan.  Everyone knows this feeling.  It’s a great feeling.  Now go look at the Eagles depth chart on defense.  Is Nate Allen still there?  Ok, do not lay 7.5 points.


3PT DA of the Week:  Colin Kaepernick.  

Josh Freeman faxed over his congratulations, it said, “Welcome to the Club.”  That’s a Boiler Room reference.  Keep it current. If you want to know more about Kaepernick’s D.A. potential and check the D.A. standings and results, just click that tab at the top of the page.


Definitive, Yet Arbitrary, Top-10. 

  1. Seattle, 2-0.  Guess I’ll try the jinx.
  2. Denver, 2-0.  Home to the Best Manning.
  3. Green Bay, 1-1.  146 QB Rating!
  4. New Orleans, 2-0.  Ugly win, but they always suck in Tampa.
  5. Atlanta, 1-1.  On their way up.
  6. New England, 2-0.  Get a healthy receiver and they’ll cruise to division.
  7. Chicago, 2-0.  Can’t win uglier?
  8. Houston, 2-0.  Unless you’re Houston.
  9. San Francisco, 1-1.  Losing in Seattle is nothing new.
  10. Miami, 2-0.  High water mark.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self Esteem Check.

  1. That’s it, I’m picking Philly this week out of spite.

    Totally agree on Rodgers. He is, borrowing from WWF, ‘Mr Perfect’. Accuracy, check. Mobility, check. Absolute cannon, check. But, espn wants to keep talking about RG3 or Kaepernick. Dude puts up 35-40 TDs versus 6-7 INTs per year. Video game stuff. Maybe he needs a better name for more attention? I would like to sponsor a petition for him to trade his name for Don Majikowski, and he can now be known as the Majik man

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