Week Three NFL Picks

Brought To You By Hop Ottin' IPA*

Brought To You By Hop Ottin’ IPA*

*Not Really.

Oh, no.  The Eagles have fallen to 1-2.  Another blowout loss next week at the hands of the Broncos seems inevitable.  The season, quite simply, is getting away from them.  Losing to Andy Reid, and the feisty, 3-0 Chiefs, was the nightmare scenario for Eagles fans.  What made it especially hard to swallow was that Reid’s team was so recognizable.  They were terrible in the red zone, they took a bunch of penalties, they horribly botched the clock at the end of the first half–all that looked familiar. The only problem was, all that was still good enough to beat the Eagles without a problem.  The Eagles defense isn’t going to stop many teams and they aren’t going to stop anyone for 40 minutes.  Throw in the turnovers, the horrific two-point conversion play, and Chip Kelly’s era has quickly reached a new low point.  Until next week…

Week Three Beer: Anderson Valley’s Hop Ottin’ IPA

Anderson Valley Brewery, founded in the same year every craft brewery was founded (1987), is located in Booneville, CA and appears to be another great tourist destination.  I think you could make a solid year out of visiting west coast breweries. Anderson Valley boasts all the usual amenities, but also is home to a disc golf course–so if you’re ever in the area, don’t be shy.

I was on some website the other day reading about this very rare beer that is made by Trappist monks.  What’s a Trappist monk?  Aside from someone who may brew beer–I DON’T KNOW.  Anyway, this beer, Westvleteren 12 (use whatever pronunciation makes you comfortable) is considered one of the finest in the world.  A handy website was referenced, so I clicked through.  The Beer Advocate Top-250.  A few things strike me here.  First, I’ve had none of these beers.  Second, the large majority of the beers in the first 50, 75 are rocking serious ABV percentages.  Eight percent on the low-end up into the twenties.

I addressed in the first post that I’m certainly not a beer expert, but I find it a bit hard to believe that you must have 8% ABV or more to have a “good” beer.  Sometimes you want to have more than one before getting rocked, right?  Maybe someone can fill me in on why I’m wrong.  Last thing of note from the list?  This Russian River Brewery really dominates.  I’ve never seen any of their beers around these parts, but maybe I’ll start to look.

The Hop Ottin’ checks in at 7% ABV so just below Beer Advocate’s standards.  The best thing I can say about the Hop Ottin’ is that it is very smooth.  Has a recognizable IPA taste and look, but drinks like a beer in that 5-6 ABV range.  So, bottom line–a little dangerous?

Am I sorry I didn’t get Sierra:  NO, but I might have to mix one in every once in a while.  Missing it.

Rankings so far:

  1. Shed IPA
  2. Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’ IPA
  3. Deschutes Brewery IPA


To the picks.  I guess everyone is lazy, or uninspired this week, so you’ve got me for now.  But, what else do you need?  The kid’s at 70%.

Grossy: Record, 7-3.  

Tennessee (-3) over San Diego.  The Chargers are content to be 1-1.  That’s paradise for them.  A 2nd straight trip across the country?  Against a team that uses NFL players on defense this time?  I’m not going to get carried away and say I “like” the Titans, or anything like that, but we’re still talking about Philip Rivers to Eddie Royal and the worst starting RB in football outside of NY.  Ryan Mathews belongs in Canada.  He’s terrible.

Baltimore (+2.5) over Houston.  The Ravens have looked pretty bad, but have you seen Houston?  The Texans are laying points now to teams other than Jacksonville on the road now?  Let’s recalibrate.  Two years ago, last year, this would have been one of the biggest games on the schedule, but right now you couldn’t pay me to watch this slop.  A Joe Flacco vs. Matt Schaub who’s whiter contest would be much more entertaining.

St. Louis (+4) over Dallas.  The Rams can score points now, they are capable of coming back when behind, they have a shot at succulent backdoor covers.  That’s always a nice trait against Dallas, who tends to be volatile from quarter to quarter.  The Cowboys should score points, but they’ll make enough mistakes, have enough lapses that the Rams will hang around and have a chance to win.  This is what Dallas is, a team that can’t be trusted to cover.  It’s Jerry Jones’ legacy.

Atlanta (+3) over Miami.  There are two lines that don’t really make sense to me this week.  The other is Indy getting 10 points, and I’m on the “dumb” side of both of these games.  Atlanta HAS TO be better than Miami, I don’t care who their running back is, but obviously something is up for the Dolphins to get favored status.  It says that the Falcons are going to lay ANOTHER road egg, and they might, but I’m in the camp that we are way ahead of ourselves on Miami.  Apparently the Colts stink, right, so Matt Ryan vs. Fanny Hill?  Ryan.

Chicago (-3) over Pittsburgh. Um, Pittsburgh is probably the 2nd worst team in the AFC.  Just like they were in week one.  Just like they were last week.  The Bengals are conditioned to lose to the Steelers and they still covered a big number in sloppy fashion.  The Bears have no such mental block.  I don’t care if the game is at Heinz Field, Three Rivers Stadium, or Aliquippa High–the home field isn’t going to be enough.  Let’s get Mike Tomlin on the hot-seat!


KRAFT, Record: 6-3-1

Baltimore (+2.5) over Houston.  I trust Harbaugh/Flacco more than Kubiak/Schaub. Houston did their absolute best last week to lay an egg but somehow came out on top. Baltimore takes advantage of Houston’s lack luster effort on the road and they get the W.

Atlanta (+3) over Miami.  Julio has his 1st monster game of 2013 and Atlanta rolls. Jay Fiedler will not be 3-0

Buffalo (+3) over New York Jets.  Geno Smith is the kind of QB that would cause Marty Morningwheg to defer when winning the coin toss in a sudden death OT scenario. I’ll gladly take points.

Chicago (-3) over Pittsburgh.  I will relish the 2013 Steelers and how inept they have become. It rains candy for Willy Wonka and his team at Heinz field. With only 14 more games of this left, Big Ben is wishing he was in a Georgia bar bathroom.

Indianapolis (+10) over San Francisco.  SF will have something to prove, but so does Indy. Andy Luck keeps it close and Richardson runs free.


JCK, Record: 3-8

  1. New England (-7) over Tampa Bay
  2. Green Bay (-3) over Cincinnati
  3. New York Giants (PICK) over Carolina
  4. Atlanta (+3) over Miami


DC, Record: 4-5-1

New York Giants (PICK SIX) over Carolina.  I love that the line here is PICK because there are going to be a lot of them.  I had never really seen Carolina play until last week’s Buffalo game.  Has Cam Newton always been this inaccurate?  His downfield passes are good if they are within ten yards of his receiver.  At any rate, can I see Carolina starting the season 0-3?  Yes absolutely.

Baltimore (outright, +2.5) over Houston.  Bernard Pierce runs for 118 yards and 2 touchdowns and maybe kinda sorta becomes the starting RB for the Ravens.

Atlanta (+3) over Miami.  Obviously the result of this game is going to be Miami 24 Atlanta 20 but I can’t start taking Miami to beat perennial top ten teams until they prove it to me first.

Washington (-2.5) over Detroit.  Detroit has awful team juju and I could totally see this being an 0-5 / head coach fired start to the season for them.

Pittsburgh (+3) over Chicago.  Isn’t this just the right time for Jay Cutler to lay a stinky fart?


Nichols, Record: 3-7

  1. New Orleans (-7.5) over Arizona
  2. Detroit (+2.5) over Washington
  3. New York Giants (Pick) over Carolina
  4. Seattle (-19) over Jacksonville
  5. Chicago (-3) over Pittsburgh


Big Dub, Record: 8-3

Minnesota (-6.5) over Cleveland.  It’s not like Cleveland had anybody that good on offense but when you take away the starting QB and RB you gotta go against em.

Cincinnati (+3) over Green Bay.  Seems like the public is on the Pack and I’m not sure why. Oh, they beat the Redskins? The last time the public valued a team beating the Skins was last week when everyone thought the Eagles were legit. That didn’t go so well. Pack lost on the road to Colts, and Vikings last year and struggled with Rams. They’re nothing special away from Lambeau.

Dallas (-4) over St. Louis.  The Rams are nearly as bad on the road as the Eagles at home. Okay, it’s not that bad, but they still suck.

Chicago (-3) over Pittsburgh.  The only way I would take the Steelers is if they were playing Jacksonville at home and the Jaguars were coming off a short week and the Steelers had a bye. That’s not the case this week.


11 thoughts on “Week Three NFL Picks

  1. I’ve got to say there are a lot of games I like this week. That’s probably a bad sign. I also like Indy, and I have a feeling Washington gets off the donut this week. Detroit is back to their old tricks on the road. If I wasn’t riding the Steelers until they bucked me, I would have been going for an RG3 comeback nibble.

  2. Apparently the Bengals decided to play a Katy Perry song ‘Roar’ as they introduced the team on Monday night’s game as they took the field. I read an article and some fan said that there were steeler fans next to him who we’re laughing and making fun of them all game . So, all these fans complained and now the Bungles made a statement that they will not be playing any Katy Perry anymore. Classic.

  3. Where is Nichols? The old wait until Sunday night to send in my picks isn’t going to work
    What’s 3 putts take on henrik Stinson? This dude has been on a tear for bout the last 2 months. He makes golf look pretty easy when he is on- great driver of the ball and he is solid all around. I really like his game, more so now that faldos ex caddy that blimp isn’t on his bag

  4. Yeah, I don’t know where these guys are. I’m a little worried about Big Dub, haven’t heard from him since the Eagles game.

    RE Stenson: I don’t have a strong feeling on him either way as far as being a fan. He’s a bit of a mess both on and off the golf course. Temper, basically had driver shanks for a year. When he’s on, he’s a top talent. Murders the ball. Don’t know if he putts well enough to elevate to the next level.

    Seems like a real personable guy, good interview. I usually root for guys that hit rock bottom and come back, so it’s nice to see him playing well in that regard.

  5. Ed Reed has become the active player who most resembles a homeless person…..since Rasheed Wallace has retired, it is now Ed’s mantle to pass on…

  6. It was Otto Graham, then he promptly channeled DA and threw 3 picks, then morphed back into Otto Graham for the final qtr. who can you count on anymore for DA?

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