Tuesday Self-Esteem Check.

Hopefully The Jags Will be Contracted Before They Try Another Logo.

Hopefully The Jags Will be Contracted Before They Try Another Logo.

I don’t have anything to report on the NFL this week.  Things are pretty status quo in my mind.  The NFC East stinks, there are crazy offensive numbers being put up, and Jacksonville is the worst franchise in professional sports.  By the way, I don’t think they made GQ’s ranking.  Must have been that 1 glory year with Mark Brunell and Tony Boselli that carried them over the top.  We won in Denver!  In two weeks they’ll probably lose by seven TDs in Denver.  We’re jumping right in, because the awful pick of the week is going to be Jags related–obviously.  

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings: 

  1. Big Dub, 14-5-1
  2. Kraft, 12-7-1
  3. Grossy, 12-7-1
  4. DC, 9-9-2
  5. Nichols, 9-11
  6. JCK, 7-12-1

The “Ricky Stanzi” Awful Pick of the Week:  Big Dub & Grossy (Jacksonville +33.5)

OH BOY.  I usually start with the best pick of the week, but this was really special.  First off, a tip of the cap to the top half of the standings here.  Three people at better than 60% a quarter through the season–rare.  And, Big Dub at 70%.  But, even good handicappers are prone to make comical, egregious errors.  When you pick the Jaguars you are throwing out all instinct.  You are ignoring your eyes and trying to examine the NFL season as a whole.  I went yammering on about the Colts having a letdown.  You can’t letdown against the Jags.  Maybe that was the Colts letting down?  Who knows?  Big Dub was talking about a trap game.  Jacksonville sets a trap like Wile E. Coyote.  So, I think it’s safe to say that no one is going to pick the Jags to cover anything for a while.  Certainly not week 6 in Denver, when we’ll likely see the highest NFL line of all-time.

The “Ricky Stanzi” Pick of the Week:  Nichols (Indianapolis -33.5)

See above.  Last week Nichols had a good team laying points, this week he’s got the worst team in the league getting blown out.  It’s sounds so simple on Tuesdays.  Now, if he’d just start picking against the Giants–he’d really make a run.


3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Joe Flacco.  

Apologies to Blaine Gabbert, who is a bit like Tiger Woods in 2000 at this point, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on Flacco, his status as a top-QB, and the disappointing Ravens.  Check out the D.A. Tab.  


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary Top-10:

  1. Seattle, 4-0. Should have lost to Houston–BUT DIDN’T.
  2. Denver, 4-0.  Haven’t beaten anyone?
  3. New England, 4-0.  Still Tough to Win in Atlanta.
  4. Kansas City, 4-0.  Feasting on NFC East.
  5. New Orleans, 4-0.  Ended Dolphin Dreams–Thank you.
  6. Detroit, 3-1.  High Water Mark.
  7. Indianapolis, 3-1.  NO LETDOWN
  8. Chicago, 3-1.  Tough loss
  9. Tennessee, 3-1.  Locker’s injury will hurt, but for now…
  10. San Francisco, 2-2.  Probably better than Miami

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