Week 5 NFL Picks.

Brought to You by Flipside Red IPA*

Brought to You by Flipside Red IPA*

*Not Really.

How about those Browns and Bills last night?  Did you ever think you’d see a shootout between Brandon Weeden and Jeff Tuel?  Ok, technically it wasn’t a traditional shootout.  Tuel rifled off a pick-6, Travis Benjamin returned a punt for a TD–but look at all those points.  Tuel showed some real D.A. Fantasy potential (8/20, pick-6) if he were to ever get an actual start and you have to wonder about the durability of EJ Manuel.  This is his second injury now and we’re barely into October of his debut season.  I don’t know what to make of the push the Browns are making.  Their three wins assures them they’ll probably be better than Jacksonville and another team or two even if they lose out, so the tanking allegations appeared to have been a bit rash.  But, is this what Cleveland thought was going to happen when they went to Hoyer and McGahee?  Honestly?  Or are they secretly a little upset they’ve run off three wins?  We’ll never know.


Week Five Beer:  Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA

This beer was mentioned on the blog a few weeks back and is the new autumn seasonal beer from Sierra Nevada.  I’ve mentioned that I don’t really like seasonal beers here to the point of exhaustion, but Sierra has made a few that I enjoy and since it was called an IPA–I had to try it.  When I saw that it was a “red” IPA, I immediately had my reservations.  Red Dog?  Killian’s Irish Red?  I’m kidding, but for me, red is one step away from brown–which is the enemy.  I am learning a bit more about beer while I do this, and evidently the flavor I don’t love in this style beer is the maltiness.  So, you’ve got amber malts mixed with traditional IPA hops.  You’re welcome for all information.

I really didn’t care for my first taste of this beer.  Beer one, sip one if you will, and it was for the reasons you’d imagine.  I just don’t care for that dark malty taste, even if it was more measured.  But, the taste grew on me a bit, and after a couple bottles I  find it to be an OK selection.  Nothing special, but it won’t be in the fridge for another 9 months.

Am I Sorry I Didn’t Get (Regular) Sierra Nevada:  Pretty Much, Yeah.

Rankings So Far: 

  1. Shed IPA
  2. Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale
  3. Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’ IPA
  4. Deschutes Brewery IPA
  5. Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA

On to the Picks…

Big Dub, Record: 14-5-1

Cincinnati (Pick) over New England.  They’re going up against a much better defense than Atlanta to overcome the injuries on offense.  Vince Wilfork’s injury kills them too.

Arizona (+2) over Carolina.  The Panthers rolled the Giants now we’re supposed to lay points with them on the road?  Not buying it.

Chicago (Pick) over New Orleans.  The Saints can’t run the ball for diddly poo.  They got away with it against a bad Dolphins pass defense.  They get exposed a bit here.

Green Bay (-7) over Detroit.  The Lions stink.  Trust me, they’re dying to screw things up.

New York Giants (-2.5) over Philadelphia.  Lock of the Year.  The Giants lost to some good defenses and shot themselves in the foot against Dallas.  They get to feast on a bad defense that doesn’t force turnovers.  It’s the perfect recipe for Eli to have a monster game.


Grossy, Record: 12-7-1

Indianapolis (+3) over Seattle.  This is a huge game for Indy and the Seahawks haven’t been the same team on the road. Schaub handed them the game last week and they barely crept past Carolina in the opener.  The Colts defense also appears much tougher this year, which is complementing the growth of Andrew Luck.  I’d make a Colts defense reference here, but I don’t remember them ever having a tough defensive player.  I know it wasn’t Trev Alberts.

Green Bay (-7) over Detroit.  Must-win for the Packers.  Home.  Coming off a bye-week.  I just hope you aren’t playing against Aaron Rodgers in fantasy this week, because the number of TD passes he throws might have a lot in common with a certain adult entertainment establishment in Conshohocken, PA.

San Francisco (-6.5) over Houston.  The Texans are another team I don’t trust on the road.  They aren’t going to be able to run the ball on the Niners and you know what that means–it’s up to Schaub.  That’s not good.  San Fran has been incredibly inconsistent, but the Texans are teetering on the edge of a lost season.  They go down big.

Cincinnati (Pick) over New England.  I’m fairly sure that THIS New England team cannot go undefeated and while the Bengals have left me disappointed a few times this year, I think this game sets up well for them.  Back-to-back road games for the Pats, and the Vince Wilfork injury leaves them a bit exposed on defense.  That guy is their entire run defense.  I’m serious.  He might be the most underrated player in the NFL.  It’s a big loss.

Atlanta (-10) over New York Jets.  The Falcons have to have this one.  Geno Smith doesn’t seem equipped to go into a hostile dome and do anything but throw picks at this point.  I’ve given up on the Falcons season, but this week they show that offensive flash that makes them so damn sexy at times.  Rex Ryan is so distraught after the game, he has his stomach unstapled.


JCK, Record: 7-12-1

  1. Kansas City (-3) over Tennessee
  2. New England (Pick) over Cincinnati
  3. Seattle (-3) over Indianapolis
  4. New Orleans (Pick) over Chicago
  5. Baltimore (+3) over Miami


Nichols, Record: 9-11

  1. Seattle (-3) over Indianapolis
  2. New Orleans (Pick) over Chicago
  3. Arizona (+2) over Carolina
  4. Denver (-7) over Dallas
  5. San Diego (-4) over Oakland


Kraft, Record: 12-7-1

Indianapolis (+3) over Seattle.  Seattle runs out of gas.

Detroit (+7) over Green Bay.  Suh punches the Green Bay O-Line in the nuts, Megatron goes bonkers and Schwartz gives the aggressive handshake to McCarthy.

Baltimore (+3) over Miami.  The champs bounce back and show some pride.

San Francisco (-6.5) over Houston.  SF has their mojo back, and they stomp the Texans who will be in a tailspin.  I’ll order the “Pick 6” burger while watching this one.  Cheers, Mr. Schaub.

New Orleans (Pick) over Chicago.  


DC, Record:  9-9-2

Baltimore (+3) over Miami.  How does a faux upstart deal with getting pummeled on the road?  By getting pummeled at home the very next week.

Green Bay over Detroit.  B-b-b-blowout.

Denver (-7) over Dallas.  To paraphrase a wise blogger, sometimes it’s as easy as picking the best team in the league to beat a pile of slop.

Indianapolis (+3) over Seattle.  Remember what I said about trying to be in on an unbeaten team’s first loss of the year?

San Francisco (-6.5) over Houston.  Kaepernick either has it or he doesn’t.  I see a 4 TD (3 pass/1 Run) week from him.


5 thoughts on “Week 5 NFL Picks.

  1. Yeah, right?

    But, it has nothing to do with him. It’s the format. The different atmosphere.

    Great. Now let’s have Tom Watson micromanage the Ryder Cup team to another loss.

  2. The Flyers disgust me. I’m so sick of them. Where’s that thing I wrote about Ed Snider. It all still applies x10. He’s the worst.

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