Tuesday Self-Esteem Check.

97% Chance They Both Stink.

97% Chance They Both Stink.

There are a lot of people in Philadelphia talking about “Dallas Week.” This is a term.  Dallas is coming to Philadelphia.  Not the Mavericks, or the Stars, but the Cowboys.  In some years this is what passes for the Super Bowl around these parts, This might be the biggest Dallas game since the Eagles were pummeled by the ‘Boys on the last week of the season and then again in the playoffs a few years back.  You’ll remember it as the “Air Guitar Game.”  If they’ve played a big game since then, forgive me, I don’t remember.

This week is a game that people want to be jacked about, because IT’S FOR FIRST PLACE, but winning the NFC East isn’t going to get you anything this year aside from an extra road trip.  One of these teams will emerge at 4-3, and once again, for what could be a brief moment the entire division won’t be .500 or worse.

This is a rivalry game with JV talent.  The fans will be in top form, but I worry about the players.  This brings me to the Vick vs. Foles debate, which has penetrated the area so completely that it’s virtually impossible to listen to sports radio.  Both Foles and Vick have their supporters, but to me the debate feels a bit like arguing over who is going to be your 4th starter.  Should the Phillies bring back Kyle Kendrick, or sign Dan Haren?  Let’s discuss for 11 days.

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:  

  1. Kraft, 20-9-1
  2. Big Dub, 18-11-1
  3. Grossy, 18-11-1
  4. DC, 14-14-2
  5. Nichols, 14-16
  6. JCK, 13-16-1

Not nearly the week we had last week, but a total power move by Kraft to take over the top spot and the boys in the back are rallying toward .500.  A mere 55 picks to go!

The “David Ortiz in October” Pick of the Week:  Kraft, Carolina (+2.5) over Minnesota.

The best consensus pick of the week was probably Pittsburgh over NYJ, and Kraft and Big Dub both made good calls on the Indy game, but on the week Kraft makes everyone forget about his 33% year I wanted to go with a unique pick.  I guess it was Carolina’s poor effort in Arizona that affected this line?  Is the dome that scary?  It had to be something, because the Vikings are terrible.  Their big win was in London, over a team with 0 wins, so….favorites?  Strange.  Cam Newton quickly went about making Minnesota look ridiculous with a series of runs and long throws to wide-open receivers.  Would the Vikings have been better off with the wildcat as Kraft suggested?  It would have been hard to do worse than 35-10.

The “Raisins For Halloween” Awful Pick of the Week:  DC, Oakland (+9) over Kansas City.  

I wish we had an explanation for this one.  I imagine it would have incorporated the 1st loss theory.  Maybe something about KC struggling to pull away from teams?  Maybe a nod to Oakland’s recent success against the Chiefs?  An unwillingness to accept Andy Reid at 6-0.  We’ll never know what DC was thinking, but here’s what I’m thinking:  Wow, this was a terrible pick.  Pryor against that Chiefs defense looked like Great Valley vs. anyone in 1998.


3PT D.A. of the Week:  Terrelle Pryor

Bow down, folks.  Pryor was sacked 10 times against Kansas City.  That’s a lot.  Tamba Hali had 3.5.  The less hype a PSU player has leaving college, the better his pro career will be.  Tamba Hali vs. Courtney Brown.  Navarro Bowman vs. Poz, etc. Anyway, to see how many points Pryor racked up and to check the up to the minute D.A. Standings, check out the top of the page.


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary Top-10:

  1. Denver, 6-0.  Sleepwalking–never sniffed the cover.
  2. Kansas City, 6-0.  That defense, a fantasy football dream.
  3. New England, 5-1.  Brady scrapes another one together.
  4. Seattle, 5-1.  Ugliest FG attempt ever–still a win.
  5. New Orleans, 5-1.  Heartbreaker, but at least they showed up on the road.
  6. San Francisco, 4-2.  Still need Kaepernick back on track.
  7. Indianapolis, 4-2.  Upon Further Review, that was a bad spot in SD.
  8. Detroit, 4-2. Won a game many thought they’d lose.
  9. Chicago, 4-2.  Playing the Giants is Fun!
  10. Cincinnati, 4-2. Still think they can put something together.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Self-Esteem Check.

  1. Hold on Mr. Grossy. The winner of the NFC East hosts a playoff game. They automatically get the 4 seed and host the 5 seed. Maybe they get the 49ers who have to travel cross country on the heels of having to win an emotional game in the final week to make the playoffs. Or perhaps the Bears and they get Cutler face to do something stupid. I’ll take it.

  2. You’re right about the road game, obviously, I don’t know what i was thinking there. They’re getting blown out by SF here, though, don’t fool yourself.

    You and I blew it last week Re: Hilton Contest standings. But, it’s for the best. If I was t-3 in real life, I’d have a nervous breakdown.

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