Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

Will Eagles Get it Together in time for Shady?

Will Eagles Get it Together in time for Shady?

This week in the NFL made me think of wasted primes.  NFL players have very small windows of peak performance, especially at certain positions.  A peak performer one year can become ordinary the next.  The declines are hard to predict. While every team would take a star quarterback over a star running back, or a wide receiver–those guys are still nice to have. In Philadelphia, the Eagles have one of the best backs in the league.  McCoy is just 25, but this will be his 5th season of NFL wear and tear.  The Eagles wasted his terrific 2011 campaign, and now that he’s fully healthy again, it appears that 2013 will just be another good year of stats for Shady.  You’d like to think that McCoy has 3-5 years of top-level production left, but you don’t know for sure and that’s the troubling part.  By the time the Eagles land on a QB will the rest of the functional pieces on offense be over the hill?  

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:  

  1. Kraft, 22-12-1
  2. Grossy, 21-13-1
  3. Big Dub, 21-13-1
  4. DC, 16-17-2
  5. Nichols, 16-19
  6. JCK, 15-19-1

Not our best week, but still looking pretty good at the top.  Gotta keep churning out those 3-2 weeks.  

The “Show-Off Pumpkin Carver,” Pick of the Week:  Grossy, Cowboys (+3) over Eagles.  

A little redemption for jumping the gun on the Foles demise.  I had the Eagles losing outright last week and Tampa proved to be too incompetent, but Foles took the opposition out of the equation this week and lost the game by himself.  Even with the Eagles’ defense playing their best game of the season, the Birds had no chance.  That’s because Foles is not an NFL QB. This is something I’ve known since the moment I saw him take his first snap.  Perhaps my obsession with measurables is a bit extreme, but when a guy is slower than Drew Bledsoe with a 1/10 of the arm–it’s not going to happen.  Honorable mention to anyone who had Buffalo, and to Big Dub who quickly got back on Jacksonville when they were no longer getting 27 points.  

The “Groupon” Awful Pick of the Week:  DC, Grossy, and Kraft–Baltimore +2.5 over Pittsburgh.  

The Ravens were right there for the ugly cover the whole game, but it didn’t happen.  The Steelers got the late field goal.  Is losing a game by a half point so shameful?  In this case it is, because I don’t think we really saw a close game here.  I didn’t.  I thought the Ravens would comfortably win by 7-10 points and that’d be it.  I don’t know that the rivalry factor was overlooked, it might have just been giving a bit too much credit to Baltimore, who is a truly bad team this year.  Probably still better than the Steelers, but not by a margin that means anything.  And, a bit disappointed that a consensus pick took a beating, I don’t like to see that.  This one probably was a bit too easy and we fell victim.  


3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Josh Freeman.

Freeman wins a D.A. for his 2nd organization (not easy) and makes a stylish impact on the D.A. Fantasy standings.  Check out the D.A. page to read about Freeman, see the logjam in the standings and discover why things in D.A. are only going to get more exciting for the remainder of 2013.  


Definitive, Yet Arbitrary top 10:  

  1. Kansas City, 7-0.  For now, still winning ugly. 
  2. Indianapolis, 5-2.  Time for a Colts Super Bowl taste in Vegas?
  3. Denver, 6-1.  Pey-Pey may have been too emotional.
  4. Seattle, 6-1.  Rolling right along.  
  5. New Orleans, 5-1.  Bye Week.
  6. San Francisco, 5-2.  Winning Easy right now.
  7. Cincinnati, 5-2.  Winning games they usually lose.
  8. Green Bay, 4-2.  Down to 0 Receivers,
  9. New England, 5-2.  Big Game this week against Miami.
  10. New York Jets, 4-3.  High-Water Mark.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

  1. 2 DAs with 2 different teams in the same season is amazing. But, he is a free agent after this yr, which means he very likely could win a DA for a 3rd team next year. That is some Pantheon type stuff

  2. It’s pretty big DA stuff when teams are thinking “Maybe christian ponder is a better option?”…And with the Giants running game (MICHAEL COX! HILLIS!)) i’m assuming Eli will get back to racking up the INTs soon enough. 70, here we come.

    it’s gonna get weird for the next few weeks. Two dragons.

  3. there’s some great D.A. things in development right now.

    I’d like to see the Vikings bring in a guy every week. If Jeff Garcia is ready to help the Browns, there has to be more out there.

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