Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

Down Has Become Up.

Down Has Become Up.

I just don’t know.  The NFL has become a spin of the roulette wheel.  You can put as much stock as you want into those seven black spins in a row, but the next one is still a coin-flip.  It doesn’t even phase me much any more, but certain things still make you shake your head.  A quick sampling, from a strange, strange week…

5. Geno Smith throws for 115 yards and the Jets beat the Saints?  Chris Ivory, against his old team turns into (can’t think of a good Jets running back) and the Saints have no answer.  And Nick Folk?  Fantasy gold.

4. Could some of these wins be any uglier?  Dallas, Tennessee, Indy and of course, Seattle.  Seattle’s last two wins should count as ties.  

3. Speaking of which, how does Mike Glennon lead three first half TD drives against Seattle in Seattle?  21-0?  And they ran a RB jump pass of some sort?  Schiano really is a master.  Of course, the Seahawks had never come back from 21 points down to win in the entire history of the franchise…until Sunday.  

2.  The Falcons are a dead stick.  Goodnight Bad Moon Rison.  See you guys next year.  Stop betting on that Falcons bounce back game–it’s not coming.  

1.  Nick Foles should have the all-time record for TD passes in a game.  It was right there for him.  He had about 20 minutes to get it done.  I’m not sure why Chip Kelly didn’t go for 70 points and allow Foles to ride into the sunset, an odd bit of restraint from him.  But, the bigger question is how did Foles get to 7 Tds?  I can explain them all away quickly and still believe old Polesy should be traded this afternoon, if not sooner.  

Let’s get to the Business…

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. Kraft, 27-17-1
  2. Grossy, 27-17-1
  3. Big Dub, 26-18-1
  4. DC, 22-21-2
  5. Nichols, 22-23
  6. JCK, 21-23-1

The “Ate All My Kid’s Halloween Candy” Pick of the Week:  Big Dub (Cleveland +2.5 over Baltimore)

As always, I was tempted to pick myself for the Eagles game, but on the week I edged back into a 1st place tie that seemed a bit like a vanity project.  I do, when possible, like to find unique picks with actual insight.  The Bills really would have been the pick of the week if they pulled that cover out, and they probably should have, so I’ll go with this other “upset” call.  As Big Dub rightly points out here, though, not much of an upset.  The Ravens are a festering pool of bacteria and they have no right to give points to anyone on the road and that includes Jason Campbell.  Maybe the Ravens should play the Falcons every week and they could not film it?  Sounds promising.  

The “Christmas Decorations are Up Already,” Awful Pick of the Week:  Kraft and Big Dub (Atlanta +7.5)

This one wasn’t close.  Panthers by 24.  And Cam Newton made it a bit closer than it should have been with some turnovers.  The Falcons could do nothing with the ball, and that’s the point.  These two guys have been at the top of the standings all year.  They should recognize this.  This scenario basically played out last week.  Tempting spot to take some points with the Falcons and they get blown out in Arizona.  This week the blowout happens in Carolina.  No real difference.  And, at more than a TD this was a Panthers line.  That’s called condescending hindsight.


3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Matt Ryan.  

Ryan is contributing to one of the more disappointing NFL seasons in recent memory.  To read about his demise and to remember a great D.A. week from 2012, check out the tab at the top of the page.  


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary, Top-10:

  1. Kansas City, 9-0.  Bye-Week then Denver.  Buckle Up.
  2. Denver, 7-1.  Nobody impressed on Denver’s Week Off.
  3. Seattle, 8-1.  Not Clicking, but winning.
  4. San Francisco, 6-2.  Five straight wins and Seattle looking vulnerable.
  5. Indianapolis, 6-2.  Nice comeback win, avoiding a trap.
  6. New England, 7-2.  Brady’s Healed, but the Steelers do suck.
  7. New Orleans, 6-2.  For now, we’ll call it a hiccup.
  8. Cincinnati, 6-3.  Red Rifle needs to lock it down.
  9. Carolina, 5-3.  Hottest team in NFC?
  10. Detroit, 5-3.  Rodgers down, Lions up? 



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