Week 10 NFL Picks.

Can't Stop Watching.

Can’t Stop Watching.

See, this is football related.  I think this was shot at a Jags open tryout.  Of course, that’s actually maligned Toronto mayor Rob Ford getting stepped on by an imaginary offensive lineman.  I had to post this gif, taken from a treasure trove at Gawker.  It’s just so magical, and Ford’s story is really something. The political system in the United States doesn’t exactly make me beam with pride, so it’s nice to see our progressive neighbors to the north having to deal with this f*cking dolt.  Ford is taking an interesting approach to his substance abuse problem, leaning on a variation of the, “I don’t know, I was in a stupor,” defense.  Strong.  I just hope he gets that second term.  He so clearly deserves a chance at redemption.

Anyway, on to the beers, which Ford probably drinks 40 of each morning–just to level off.

Week 10 Beer:

How About 2X The WInners?

How About 2X The WInners?

Southern Tier brewery is the pride of Lakewood, New York.  They’ve only been around since 2002, but already have a pretty strong presence in this area.  The first Southern Tier beer I ever sampled was Phin & Matt’s Extraordinary Ale. You’ve got to love the confidence of that name.  I remember it being solid, if not spectacular and Southern Tier remained on the fringes of my radar.  When random six-pack shopping, I rarely picked it up–I think because of the packaging.  They use these high-sided 6-pack boxes that look odd to me.  That’s how discerning I am, people. Anyway, last weekend I was offered a 2X IPA to get back in the Southern Tier mix.

Am I Sorry I didn’t Have Sierra:  No.

The 2X IPA checks in at 8.2% alcohol, which I think makes it the strongest beer that I’ve had so far this season, but I didn’t notice the inflated levels of booze.  When I had the Heady Topper, I immediately felt the rush of inebriation, but the Southern Tier was smooth.  A solid taste that obviously packs a punch.  I guess I had perfectly carb0-loaded. Regardless, I’m ready to try more offerings from Southern Tier.

Rankings So Far:

  1. Heady Topper Double IPA
  2. Southern Tier 2X IPA
  3. Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA
  4. Shed IPA
  5. Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale
  6. Casco Bay IPA
  7. Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’ IPA
  8. Deschutes Brewery IPA
  9. Otter Creek Hop Session Ale
  10. Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA

Now, about those winners…


Big Dub, Record: 27-18-1

Minnesota (+2.5) over Washington*.  AP goes off for 200+.

Green Bay (-1) over Philadelphia.  Whenever a player in Philly gets our hopes up, they seem to rip our hearts out ASAP.

New York Giants (-7) over Oakland.  Great.  Eagles lose, Giants win.

Baltimore (+1.5) over Cincinnati and Carolina (+6) over San Francisco.  Some clown put a $65,000 parlay on San Francisco and Cincinnati.  I have to go opposite. At worst, I’ll split.    

*Already happened.


Kraft, 27-17-1

Tampa Bay (+2.5) over Miami.  I usually like to stay away from slop, but Tampa has too much talent to go 0-16, and Miami is the one team right now that is more of a train wreck with the Incognito scandal.  I just hope no one ever finds out what Gross makes us do to participate in the Pick ‘Em Challenge.

Seattle (-6) over Atlanta.  Matt Ryan is planning buddy golf trips for January.

Philadelphia (+1) over Green Bay.  Seneca Wallace over my dead body.  Foles is like a young Tom Brady, only better.

Pittsburgh (-3) over Buffalo.

San Francisco (-6) over Carolina.  It’s time to play the big boys.


Grossy, 27-17-1

Arizona (-3) over Houston.  Arizona is a decent team.  It’s weird to see those words being formed, but it’s true.  Their defense is especially tough.  It’s going to be Ben Tate for 2 yds, and then Kase Ceenum throwing picks left and right to PP and the Honey Badger.  I’d expect several elaborate returns featuring throwbacks and laterals.

Cincinnati (-1.5) over Baltimore.  As much as I want the guy to lose that parlay (such a bitter, horrible person), I agree on this game.  The Ravens are an expired diaper load.  If Cincy wants to bury the division–this is their chance.  I think the rich man’s Glenn Foley bounces back after last week and engineers a win.

Seattle (-6) over Atlanta.  See above.  The Falcons have called it a year.  Maybe they can go ahead and draft another WR with the 5th pick.  Matty Ice obviously needs more weapons.  PS, revenge for Seattle.

Chicago (+2.5) over Detroit.  Trying to determine which game the Lions will revert to playing like THEE LIONS is not easy, but something clicked in my gut here.  In Chicago?  They go down in a heap.

Miami (-2.5) over Tampa Bay.  The Dolphins are in shambles, but it seems they are rallying around their own horrible locker room atmosphere.  This is what these guys thrive on!  The Dolphins win and then make the Bucs elephant walk off the field.


Nichols, Record: 22-23

  1. Buffalo (+3) over Pittsburgh
  2. Seattle (-6) over Atlanta
  3. Detroit (-2.5) over Chicago
  4. Houston (+3) over Arizona
  5. Miami (-2.5) over Tampa Bay


JCK, Record: 21-23-1

  1. New York Giants (-7) over Oakland
  2. San Francisco (-6) over Carolina
  3. Denver (-7) over San Diego
  4. Indianapolis (-9.5) over St. Louis
  5. Green Bay (-1) over Philadelphia


DC, Record: 22-21-2

  1. Carolina (+6) over San Francisco
  2. Baltimore (+1.5) over Cincinnati
  3. Houston (+3) over Arizona
  4. Indianapolis (-9.5) over St. Louis
  5. Atlanta (-6) over Seattle



5 thoughts on “Week 10 NFL Picks.

  1. If anyone has heard of JRR Tolzien before today you are the biggest football fan I know, or his brother. How can Green Bay have this backup QB situation. I know nobody’s is great, but WOWZA.

    Can’t really figure out the Colts effort. Perhaps the Rams read the blog and assumed I’d be picking them to lose big yet again?

  2. I didn’t know it was retire Warren Sapp’s jersey night. Never bet against that (unless it’s McNabb) that’s an auto-loss.

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