Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

The Poster On Matt & Chris Simms' Wall.

The Poster On Matt & Chris Simms’ Wall.

I am a miserable person at times.  My relationship with Nick Foles front and center.  I figure I have a pass with Eagles fans, because as I continue to pick against Foles and the Eagles they are hitting a stride we haven’t seen in years. This is as high as I’ve seen the city since the ’11 Phillies.  And, I must say that if it all leads to a final matchup with Dallas for the division that will be a hell of a spectacle.  Of course, I won’t like Nicky F’s chances.  Sometimes you can’t get over the first impression.  I hated Foles from the jump and I have to stick to my guns.  In honor of Foles, my five least favorite Eagles of All-Time.  

5.  Izel Jenkins.

Poor Izel.  I’ve softened a bit on “Toast” over the years.  It probably wasn’t his fault.  Jenkins was the sometimes nickel or dime back on an otherwise loaded defense for his time in Philly.  At this time, especially when you are just a kid, you expected every single player on the Eagles defense to be a total stud.  When you are comparing Jenkins to Eric Allen…things get a bit tough for Izel.  There is something inherently stressful about a deep ball.  The ball is in the air, you can’t see the receiver on TV, anything can happen.  I just remember those times when the camera caught up to a wide-open receiver, and going “was that Jenkins again?”  It usually was, so frustrating.  

4. Brandon Graham. 

This is dislike mostly by association.  Compared to other 1st round D-Line selections, Graham has actually started to play decent football.  But, this was just the culmination of years of bad drafting for me.  From Mamula, to McDougal, to the guy who was mostly blind in one eye (Jon Harris?)–there were so many mid-1st round selections and not a single starter.  Graham was the last straw.  I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted the Eagles to take a player more than I wanted them to take Earl Thomas.  I’m almost never right about these things, but Thomas turning into a Pro-Bowler, while Graham barely saw the field for a couple of years–too much to bear. 

3. Detmer Brothers.

Eagles fans have put their faith in a lot of mediocre quarterbacks.  Why we had to be exposed to this duo, I’m not sure. I would think that once you got a look at Ty, you’d be through with the Detmer bloodline.  I was always offended by Ty’s inflated stats and Heisman, not to mention his terrible arm.  Koy was just a mutt that somehow captured the fans for a few weeks.  Bobby Hoying with a neckbeard.  

2.  Nick Foles.  

Sorry.  He’s too tall.  Too skinny.  His arm isn’t THAT good.  He runs like a goof.  He fails the face test.  He’s been a bit too lucky for my taste–sorry, true.  He’s got donut hole personality.  A franchise QB is a commitment.  I’m not ready to dive into this pool.  

1. Sav Rocca.

That Rocca still punts in the league is amazing to me.  I’m pretty sure Sav’s signature punt was a 37 yard dying quail that was so bad it couldn’t even be returned, because it was partially shanked out-of-bounds.  Hey, not a bad net average, Sav!  The first Eagle punter I remember was John Teltschik, who punted with his damn bare foot!  That was pretty badass, but Teltschik may have been terrible–who can remember.  Since then, it’s been uninspiring lumps. Feagles, the ancient Landeta, but the worst was Sav.  What kind of name is that anyway?  I make it a point not to even know the Eagles punter anymore.  Save the aggravation.  


NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:

  1. Kraft, 37-26-2
  2. Big Dub*, 34-26-3
  3. Grossy, 34-27-4
  4. DC, 31-30-4
  5. Nichols, 31-32-2
  6. JCK, 29-34-1

*possibly retired

The “Wal-Mart Fights,” Pick of the Week:  DC, San Francisco (-8)

We didn’t get a lot of explanations this week, except from me, and we know how that went, so I decided to pick one of DC’s games on the week he climbed back over .500–although he’s been leading the league in pushes for some time.  It was a good overall week, won an OT thriller with Minnesota, had the Dolphins easily over the Jets, but I chose this game, because the Niners and Rams have both been hard to figure out this year.  The Niners possibly playing down to some teams?  The Rams hanging tough?  Week to week almost impossible to predict.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ll assume this wasn’t blind luck and DC had an insight that he just chose not to share with everyone.

The “Busted Tree Stand.” Awful Pick of the Week:  Grossy (New Orleans +whatever)

I believe I had the Saints outright.  That Fumble-6 really turned the tide, did it not?  I guess the Seahawks aren’t going to lose at home, which means they are going to the ‘Bowl and the NFL should probably never allow Seattle to host that game.  Wouldn’t be fair.  I don’t know what to make of my terrible picks this week, of which this was easily the most atrocious.  Two OT losses, a push, and I move myself almost out of contention.  I’ll have to blame life.  Lot of holiday festiveness, had to cut down the Christmas tree, obviously by Sunday AM my mind wasn’t properly in tune with these games.  It showed.  God awful effort.  


3PT D.A. of the Week:  Matt Flynn.

Check out the D.A. Page.  The race for the playoffs couldn’t be any closer.  It’s volatile–like a NASCAR restart.  No clue if that’s a proper analogy.  Anyway, Flynn edged out Geno Smith who filed an official protest with the league office when he found out he didn’t go back-t0-back.  


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary, Top-10:

  1. Seattle, 11-1. By a mile.
  2. New England, 9-3.  Not their best effort in a letdown week.
  3. Denver, 10-2. Owns KC’s secondary.
  4. Carolina, 9-3.  They’ve won EIGHT in a row.
  5. Kansas City, 9-3.  Owned by the Broncos.
  6. New Orleans, 9-3.  Last night….wasn’t good.
  7. San Francisco, 8-4.  Looking dangerous again.
  8. Cincinnati, 8-4.  Sloppily got by San Diego.
  9. Philadelphia, 7-5.  NFC slightly less embarrassing.
  10. Dallas, 7-5.  But still embarrassing. 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

  1. Oh, is it time to revive El Cupo Worldo tag?

    Are the Swiss in it?

    I heard the US got screwed, but don’t they pretty much screw it up regardless of who they play? And really, if you can’t beat the teams in your group, what’s the difference? You aren’t going anywhere anyway.

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