Week 16 NFL Picks.

A Lot Better than Cowher Power.

A Lot Better than Cowher Power.

There could be a huge Eagles game tonight.  NBC “flexed” the game, and if Dallas loses this afternoon they’ll get the Eagles trying to clinch the NFC East in front of what should be a well-lathered mass of fans.  But, if Dallas beats the Redskins, the game becomes almost meaningless for Philadelphia and the fans will have spent upwards of eight hours tailgating for nothing.  Hey, at least it’s going to be 70 degrees.  Seasonal.  Personally, I think Dallas will win today, something I’d rather see anyway.  Let’s see if these Eagles, who have fans concocting Super Bowl scenarios can beat a mediocre team in week 17 to qualify.

Week 16 Beer:  Ithaca Beer Company, Flower Power IPA.

I went to Ithaca once.  Scenic.  Hilly.  I definitely had a few beers during the excursion, but I don’t recall dancing with this local flavor.  Chances are the name and the Scooby Doo writing on the bottle might have slowed my enthusiasm.  But, I grabbed one of these with my variety pack a while back, because why not?  The label had been steering me wrong in recent weeks–time for a change.

Am I Sorry I didn’t get Sierra–NO.

I knew I liked this beer from the first sip, before I had looked into it at all and found out it was a very highly regarded IPA.  The flavors are intense.  The hops are strong and so noticeably citrus that even a dumbsh*t like me can easily identify them.  This wouldn’t be the IPA I would give someone who I was trying to ease into the genre.  It’s too much, that hint of bitterness would probably turn some people off.  But, after a week of being sick and slogging through some real muck, it was exactly what I needed.  Atta boy, Ithaca.

Top 10 So Far:

  1. The Alchemist, Heady Topper
  2. Ithaca Beer Company, Flower Power IPA
  3. Southern Tier, 2X IPA
  4. Smuttynose, Finest Kind IPA
  5. Bear Republic, Racer 5 IPA
  6. Shed IPA
  7. Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale
  8. Red Hook Long Hammer IPA
  9. Casco Bay IPA
  10. Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’ IPA


Kraft, 43-30-2

  1. Miami (-3) over Buffalo
  2. New Orleans (+3) over Carolina
  3. Oakland (+10) over San Diego
  4. Philly (-3) over Chicago
  5. Jacksonville (+5.5) over Tennessee


JCK, 32-37-1

  1. New England (+2.5) over Baltimore
  2. San Diego (-10) over Oakland
  3. Denver (-10.5) over Houston
  4. Dallas (-3) over Washington
  5. Seattle (-10.5) over Arizona


Big Dub, 39-29-3

  1. Seattle (-10.5) over Arizona
  2. Cincinnati (-7) over Minnesota
  3. Kansas City (-6.5) over Indianapolis
  4. Tampa Bay (+5.5) over St. Louis
  5. Washington (+3) over Dallas


Nichols, 36-37-2

  1. St. Louis (-5.5) over Tampa Bay
  2. Indianapolis (+6.5) over Kansas City
  3. Cincinnati (-7) over Minnesota
  4. Tennessee (-5.5) over Jacksonville
  5. New York Giants (+9) over Detroit


DC, 38-33-4

  1. Buffalo (+3) over Miami
  2. Cleveland (+2.5) over New York Jets
  3. Cincinnati (-7) over Minnesota
  4. Denver (-10.5) over Houston
  5. Seattle (-10.5) over Arizona


Grossy, 40-31-4

New England (+2.5) over Baltimore.  The Patriots are severely depleted and looked sluggish last week, but Miami has always been the place where they play the worst.  Can you blame them?  Miami is awful.  I think we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves with this line, though.  Let’s not confuse Baltimore for a top-level team.  It’s going to be ugly again, but this time New England squeaks it out.

Dallas (-3) over Washington.  The Redskins showed some life last week!  That was against a team that may be the worst in the NFC and has long given up on their season.  If Kirk Cousins can’t rally for that win, he’s not going to rally for any wins.  Dallas is a mess, has a historically bad defense, and is poorly coached.  But, I don’t think they’ve given up.  They ruin the day for the Eagles’ fans.

Chicago (+3) over Philadelphia.  Speaking of which, I’d like to see this game matter for the sole reason of seeing how the Eagles handle the Bears’ offense.  Can’t believe I’m saying that, but the Bears have a ton of weapons.  The Eagles have secondary issues: see Matt Cassel’s explosion, so Marshall and Alshon could spell disaster.  When the D holds it together, the Eagles win, when they don’t–loss.  Don’t see them containing the Bears.

St. Louis (-5.5) over Tampa Bay.  The Rams have become decent?  They play tough at home.  It looks like Tampa is back into a spiral.  Perhaps they thought, you know what?  We don’t think we want Schiano around next year.  Let’s go ahead and make sure he gets rat-canned.  Can you pick the Rams to blow someone out?  I just did.

San Francisco (-12) over Atlanta.  Counting on Atlanta not mentally making this road trip.  The Niners are on roll. The two words coming to mind are ugly and early.



3 thoughts on “Week 16 NFL Picks.

  1. A much needed win for him today. He may be in line to be their next GM considering the feel he has for that organization.

  2. I would love the Jax GM job. I’m sharpening up my resume right now.
    They retired Brunell’s jersey the other weekend, can’t bet against that. Then last week they throw a screen pass to their center, Brad Meester? I will be picking them this week you can bet your ass

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