Post-Christmas Check-In.

Anyone Get A Car With A Bow?

Anyone Get A Car With A Bow?

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, or holiday season in general.  Still a week of slacking left before that cruel wake up call, January 2nd comes around.  Such a downer.  In the middle of enjoying gifts, packing on those last few pounds, here’s a quick update for the 6 people involved.

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Kraft, 45-33-2
  2. Big Dub, 41-32-3
  3. Grossy, 42-34-4
  4. DC, 41-35-4
  5. Nichols, 40-38-2
  6. JCK, 35-39-1

As you caq see, Kraft remains in control, as both Dub and I failed to take advantage of his 2-3 week.  DC making a late charge, and JCK needs a 5-0 to get everyone over .500.

The “Epic Christmas Light Display,” Pick of the Week:  Nichols, Indianapolis (+6)

Didn’t see this one coming.  I would have loved an “outright” call here for emphasis, but tis the season to make generous assumptions.  I’m sure Nichols was expecting this Colts romp.  Either way, better than any pick I made.

The “Fruitcake” Awful Pick of the Week:  Grossy, Chicago (+3)

Oh, dear.  Did the Bears cover that number?  The funny thing is, the scenario played out exactly as I thought it would.  The Cowboys won, making the game meaningless for the Eagles.  The Bears needed the game to clinch the division.  It should have been a layup.  Then the Bears came out like the Flyers in a game seven against Ottawa, the Eagles were clicking and pounding their starters and it was a blowout from the jump.  Didn’t help the Eagles in the standings, didn’t help me in Pick ‘Em.  Merry Christmas.  I stink.


3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Ryan Tannehill.  

10/27 for 82 yards.  Shutout by the Bills.  Yep, that’ll do, Pig.

After one week of the D.A. Finals, Doubleback Vineyards leads Eli Esses D, 27 to 5.75.


Arbitrary, Yet Definitive, Top-10:

  1. Denver, 12-3.  A reliable blowout team
  2. Seattle, 12-3.  Whoops.
  3. New England, 11-4.  Hilarious when Baltimore gets blown out.
  4. San Francisco, 11-4.  Hottest team in NFC.
  5. Carolina, 11-4.  Massive win.
  6. Kansas City, 11-4.  Massive Loss.
  7. Arizona, 10-5.  I officially feel sorry for the Cardinals.
  8. Indianapolis, 10-5.  Possible AFC spoiler.
  9. Philadelphia, 9-6.  Suddenly impressive at home.
  10. Cincinnati, 10-5.  Dalton the anchor.

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