Mammas, Don’t Let Your Beggars Grow Up to be Choosers.

Week 17 NFL Picks.

Week 17 NFL Picks.

It’s come to this, a week 17 game in Dallas for the season.  I often make the joke during an early season game, before a big play, “well, this is the season.”  That’s literally the case now, and an Eagles loss will be unacceptable, regardless of pre-season expectations.  They weren’t expected to contend under Chip Kelly this early, but the combination of Nick Foles magic, an improving defense and an atrocious division, changed the scale by which the team will be judged.  They’re a better team than Dallas, especially if Dallas is going to use the QB combination of Orton and Kitna. It’s a game they should win.

And, it’s a game to throw away petty personal feelings.  It doesn’t matter right now what I think about Nick Foles.  Do I deep down still find him to be a goof?  Of course, but I have no alternative right now.  They can’t tank for a draft pick, and they can’t lose this game–not to Dallas.  So, I’ll be watching Foles with good intentions on Sunday night. Unfortunately, as a fan, you don’t get to choose your QB–just your team.


Week 17 Beer: Lagunitas IPA

Lagunitas IPA is a bit like Sierra Nevada, in that it’s one of these “craft” beers that you can find anywhere, and it’s a common sight on tap in places that like to mix up their selection a bit.  It’s certainly more mass-produced than most of the beers I’ve tried so far, but like with Sierra, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality, and drinkable product.

Am I sorry I didn’t Get Sierra:  Not really.

The Lagunitas is a very traditional IPA, like the Smuttynose or the Ithaca, though maybe not quite as good in my opinion.  It has the familiar hoppy flavor, but drinks pretty easily for its 6.2 ABV.  It’s just a solid, if not obscure selection.

Top Ten Beers So Far:  

  1. The Alchemist, Heady Topper
  2. Ithaca Beer Company, Flower Power IPA
  3. Southern Tier, 2X IPA
  4. Smuttynose, Finest Kind IPA
  5. Bear Republic, Racer 5 IPA
  6. Shed IPA
  7. Lagunitas IPA
  8. Bell’s Midwestern Pale Ale
  9. Red H0ok Long Hammer IPA
  10. Casco Bay IPA


Big Dub, 41-32-3

Atlanta (+6.5) over Carolina.  I can just feel the letdown, or maybe I’m feeling something else.

Chicago (+3) over Green Bay.  Getting points in the biggest game of the season?  Seems too easy even though Cutler Face is back in there.

Cincinnati (-6)  over Baltimore.  I feel like they cover this number a lot at home.  Lots of feelings so far.

Seattle (-11) over St. Louis.  Blow out.

Dallas (-6.5) over Philadelphia.  Hopefully, this works out as a reverse jinx.


JCK, 35-39-1

  1. New England (-8.5) over Buffalo
  2. Philadelphia (-6.5) over Dallas
  3. Green Bay (-3) over Chicago
  4. San Francisco (PICK) over Arizona
  5. Seattle (-11) over St. Louis


Grossy, 42-34-4

New York Giants (-3.5) over Washington.  Look at those Giants, going out with a bang.  If Eli plays well, maybe they can trade him to Jacksonville for their 1st round pick.  Mike Shanahan might coach this game via Skype live from another job interview.

Jacksonville (+11.5) over Indianapolis.  Last chance of 2013 to pick the Jags.  I don’t think there is any more to say.

New Orleans (-12) over Tampa Bay.  Does this game mean anything?  I have no idea.  I can’t be doing playoff scenario research over Christmas break.  What I do know is that Tampa has been getting rocked–by everyone.  The Saints should win by 2 TDS even if Brees is throwing to Joe Horn.

San Francisco (PICK) over Arizona.  Great season by the Cardinals.  Some monster wins.  Now, they just need a better QB than Carson Palmer.  The Niners win very ugly.

St. Louis (+11) over Seattle.  The Rams have been the dogs of the year.  They’re 7-8 against the spread–respectable.


Kraft, 45-33-2

  1. Philadelphia (-6.5) over Kitna
  2. Arizona (Pick) over San Francisco
  3. Jacksonville (+11.5) over Indianapolis (Weekly obligation)
  4. San Diego (-9.5) over KC’s 2nd String
  5. Seattle (-11) over St. Louis


DC, 41-35-4

  1. Minnesota (-3) over Detroit
  2. New Orleans (-12) over Tampa Bay
  3. Baltimore (+6) over Cincinnati
  4. Arizona (PICK) over San Francisco
  5. Green Bay (-3) over Chicago


Nichols, 40-38-2

  1. Carolina (-6.5) over Atlanta
  2. Cleveland (+7) Pittsburgh
  3. Giants (-3.5) over Washington
  4. Cincinnati (-6) over Baltimore
  5. Kansas City (+9.5) over San Diego

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