Handing Out Some Hardware.

Come Collect Your Prizes.

Come Collect Your Prizes.

Well, we’re at the end of another year.  The least impressive year in the history of Three Putt Territory, I’m sure, but that doesn’t mean that the efforts of the people have been any less staggering.  Before I offer up one last, late and abbreviated post, I’d like to thank everyone for coming out this year and thank everyone who picked games and played D.A.  It really helped keep the engine going.  I’ve got a New Year’s Resolution to do more writing in multiple areas, so we’ll see if that means more and better blogging.

What we’ve all been waiting for….

Final NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:

  1. Big Dub, 45-33-3
  2. Grossy, 45-36-4
  3. Kraft, 46-37-2
  4. DC,  43-38-4
  5. Nichols, 43-40-2
  6. JCK, 39-40-1

Congrats to Big Dub who capitalized on Kraft’s rough 1-4 to close things out.  I’m sure it’s heartbreak for Kraft, who led most of the year.  Also, a bit of tough luck for JCK, who valiantly went 4-1, but still came up a game shy of .500. I don’t think we’ve ever had everyone finish over .500, but maybe we have.  Who can remember?  At least yours truly will be back picking the playoff games on the heels of a historic 9-1-1 run through last year’s post-season.  Sell your kid’s bike and lets make some money.


2013 D.A. Fantasy Football Champion:  Doubleback Vineyards.

I really don’t like winning things on my own blog (aside from Pick ‘Em, because that’s a real skill), but this is how is shook out this year.  In the two week cumulative final, I managed to get past Eli Esses D to the tune of 73 to .5. Chances are pretty slim that I buy myself a T-shirt, although history and tradition may require it.


Ok, that’s it for now.  Everyone take your bows and make your excuses.  Tentative and optimistic schedule for the rest of week includes a mailbag (part dated w/Christmas questions, part fresh as hell) and a playoff preview/pick combo post with a burst of nostalgia.  See you then…


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