Erm, About those Picks…

What do we Think the Success Rate is Here?

What do we Think the Success Rate is Here?

Well, I don’t think we want to delve too deep into the picks from last week.  People need time to find their rhythm.  So after a few weeks of scorching predictions, maybe we’ll revisit the actual pick making process.  Does anyone, on the planet, have any idea what they’re talking about?

But, for the time being, I wanted to talk briefly about people who drive around with things jammed in the trunks of their sedan.  I was behind a car like this the other day and I spent the entire time wondering if the furniture was just going to spill out onto the road in front of me.  In fact, I was expecting it to happen at any moment.  That it didn’t became a bit of a disappointment.  My question is, is packing a trunk like this an optical illusion? Is it more stable than it appears?  Or do these things inevitably go wrong?  I would love to hear some stories of shit falling out of cars onto the highway.  I think part of buying a sedan is that you know, when you sign that dotted line, you SHOULD NOT be moving couches with this car, but I guess people are just greedy.  They want it all.

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:

  1. Nichols, 5-5
  2. Gross, 5-5
  3. DC, 7-8
  4. Kraft,. 4-11


The “Great Sleeping Weather,” Pick of the Week: Indianapolis (-7)–Various.

The state of Florida lost in professional football 132-46 over the weekend.  That’s three games and their negative point differential is already looking Phillies-esque.  I have to admit that Jacksonville made me wonder on Sunday what would happen if they played Tampa.  Would it be an exciting game?  Would it be like watching pee-wee soccer?  I have no idea.  I do know that there is a new gun slinger in town, Blake Bortles.  Bortles is going to throw a TREMENDOUS amount of interceptions, and when teams start laying off like Indy did in the 2nd half–some decent throws too?  Anyway, this was the one game that looked easy and turned out that way, several of us needed it desperately.

The “Roger Goodell,” Awful Pick of the Week: Kraft (Miami -4)

Kraft did not have his best week, and I cannot help but wonder if we are in the midst of another of Kraft’s brilliant bet against streaks like we saw in Year 1 of this contest.  If you have the courage, the faith that 30% winners could be coming again–it’s time to get on board now.  Of course, here, this is simply the case of Kraft saying “Bury K.C.”  You can’t bury Andy Reid in sixty minutes.  You’d need more time to make a big enough hole.  ZING!


The 3PT D.A. of the Week:  Josh McCown

The QB play in the league this week was pretty noxious.  Somehow Matt Stafford and Aaron Rodgers played like Rodney Peete and Ty Detmer.  We saw the debut of Bridgewater and Bortles, but I want to let these grow into their DA-ness.  I don’t know when the last time someone threw 3 Pick-6s in a game was, but if someone is doing it this year, it’s going to be Bortles. Get ready.  But, Josh McCown in Tampa is just a pitiful sight at this point.  Bringing in Josh McCown is deflating in itself, if that was my team, I’d rather draft ANYONE than have a free agent McCown, but he got the starting job and it only took 2.5 weeks for Mike Glennon to storm the field.  So, you go from McCown to a baby giraffe playing QB, but at least Glennon is young?  Josh “Cade” McCown was 5-12 for 52 yards and a pick-6 in limited action.  That’s about about 35 D.A. points on 13 dropbacks.  Astounding.


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary NFL top-10:

  1. Cincinnati, 3-0. Greatest team ever QB’d by a redhead?
  2. Seattle, 2-1. Were you kind of rooting for Peyton?
  3. Arizona, 3-0. They’re winning with Giancarlo Stanton at QB.
  4. Philadelphia, 3-0.  Great Offense.  And, great offense.
  5. Denver, 2-1. Someone has their number.
  6. San Diego, 2-1. Impressive San Diego Road Win–1st ever?
  7. Atlanta, 2-1.  Could have put 70 on Tampa.
  8. Carolina, 2-1. Dropping like an anchor.
  9. New England, 2-1. What was that exactly Sunday?
  10. Buffalo, 2-1.  Why not?

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