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A Better Week Then Belichick.

A Better Week Then Belichick.

I was thinking today that football picks are a bit like the online reviews of the sports world.  Forget these particular picks here for a moment.  NFL pick columns have long been a staple in papers, blogs–you name it.  This despite the fact that almost everyone doing these columns is not particularly good at picking games.  We have our moments, our streaks, but the only thing that ever really gets proven is that there is no method, no formula, no pattern.

So, why bother?  This is where I draw the comparison to online reviews.  I’m sure everyone has read at least a few over the years.  I have actually fallen victim to checking out a site like Rotten Tomatoes before I watch almost any movie.  It doesn’t necessarily shape my decision, but I want to see what people think.  And do the people reviewing the movies have any more authority than I do on football games?  Not really.

I just wonder what the draw is to all this information that is often useless and at best biased.  And, does anyone know an online review website that is actually helpful?  Anyway, your noble standings….

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings: 

  1. Big Dub, 8-7
  2. Grossy, 8-7
  3. Nichols, 7-8
  4. DC, 7-8
  5. Kraft, 6-14

First of all, apologies for not posting Kraft’s picks this week.  I am a pretty poor blogger these days, and he’s the only one who has picked every week.  Disrespectful on my part.  He also picked the JAGS and the BUCS, an uncommon act of bravery that netted a 1-1 result.

The “European Ryder Cup Team,” Pick of the Week:  Grossy (KC -3.5)

There were some fine picks this week.  But, thought we needed a quick word on the state of the Patriots.  Monday night had to be one of the lows of the “era,” and the team has gotten so thin that it’s difficult access old Touchdown Tommy Terrific.  Depending on what you read, Brady is either nearing the end, or the Patriots have about 6 guys on the roster with NFL talent.  All I know is a lackluster home win over Oakland didn’t make me feel real strong about a road trip to KC and that trepidation was rewarded with a breezy cover.  I THINK I’m 3-0 on Monday night–if you’re looking for a trend.

The “Tom Watson” Awful Pick of the Week:  Various (Pittsburgh -7.5)

I wanted to highlight this, because I think it highlights exactly how unpredictable the NFL has gotten.  The Bucs couldn’t have looked worst last week.  The Steelers played one of their better games.  And, I guess it was lining up as a Steelers win (no cover), but when that gets flipped and the Bucs win outright?  I just don’t know where you go from there.  Are both these teams off limits for the rest of the season?


The 3PT D.A. of the Week:  Kirk Cousins.

Strong D.A. force this week.  Perhaps that is because D.A. saw the field yet again.  I don’t know if Tom Brady has ever won–but he’s getting close.  Among the other noteworthy performances is EJ Manuel losing his job to Kyle Orton.  Really, Buffalo?  Got that eye to the future again?  But, Cousins was just too electric on Thursday night to ignore.  The guy was going to save the season one week and then came out and looked an awful lot like…Kirk Cousins.  Before tearing up Philly (umm…) and Jacksonville (yep…) Cousins had been remarkably average as a pro.  Like, some type of AJ Feeley/Mark Sanchez hybrid.  But, Redskins’ fans had something rosier in their minds and two good games solidified that.  Then, SLAP.  Cousins goes for 4 picks, loses a backbreaking fumble and the ‘Skins get clobbered 45-14…AT HOME. Well, played Kirk.


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary, Top-10:

  1. Cincinnati, 3-0.  Bye Week Bump.
  2. Arizona, 3-0.  Bye Week Boost.
  3. Seattle, 2-1. It pays not to play.
  4. Denver, 2-1.  Now I’m just messing around.
  5. San Diego, 3-1. Are the Chargers decent? Nah.
  6. Philadelphia, 3-1.  Some warning signs Sunday.
  7. Houston, 3-1.  The Texans are 3-1?!?!
  8. Baltimore, 3-1. There are no good teams in the league.
  9. Detroit, 3-1.  Second worst 3-1 team of all-time.
  10. Dallas, 3-1.  Worst 3-1 team of all-time.

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