Week Five NFL Picks.

And, The Grocery Store is Not a Bar.

And, The Grocery Store is Not a Bar.

I’m sure everyone is aware of Pennsylvania’s liquor laws.  “State stores” and beer distributors.  That’s what I grew up with, and honestly there haven’t been that many times that I’ve wished I could have bought beer at a Wawa.  Maybe I don’t drink enough?  But, the laws are getting more relaxed.  Places are open on Sunday.  And beer especially has become easier to get, by the 6-pack, as grocery stores start opening up little restaurants, or pubs, or whatever they call the place they serve the really mediocre food that you can get on the buffet lines.

Wegmans, as is their custom, has taken on the beer selling role with flourish.  I don’t know how good the selection actually is, but it LOOKS impressive.  In these craft beer times, selling 6-packs has to be pretty good business and Wegmans sells a lot of them, to the point I’ve been deterred by the beer sales line on more than one occasion.

Anyway, something I’ve noticed more often recently is people buying beer at Wegmans and then taking it out to the sidewalk to drink.  Keep in mind that the sidewalk borders a massive parking and not a quaint little street.  I guess I understand, though, it’s about convenience.  You work right there, the beer is right there, the chair outside is right there…you don’t want to pay bar prices.  There is a line to be drawn, though, and I encountered it this morning.  Not long after 10 am I saw a couple of guys drinking out on the sidewalk at Wegmans.  Really?  What has happened the night before or what is going to happen today that requires you to be drinking AT A GROCERY store at 10 in the morning? Not sure if there is any explanation I’d take on that one…


Grossy, 8-7.

Baltimore (+3.5) over Indianapolis.  The Colts may be a bit overvalued after two straight blowouts.  They destroyed Tennessee and Jacksonville (hooray AFC South), but Baltimore should be a bit sterner test.  Yes, despite karma and logic, it appears as if the Ravens are at least a decent football team.  Andrew Luck’s slobber ruins the play book and the Colts make a fatal mistake down the stretch…

New York Giants (-4) over Atlanta.  Riding that big blue wave.  The points should continue to pile up.  I’ve already made the mistake of taking Atlanta as a road dog.  Trying to not repeat my mistakes, but honestly, this might be the biggest quagmire I’ve ever seen in five years of doing this.  I hate all of these games.

Kansas City (+6) over San Francisco.  Are you gutsy enough to bet against Alex Smith in a revenge spot?  Didn’t think so.  That’s life revenge, not football revenge.

Cincinnati (-1) over New England.  Hearing a lot about backs to walls, must-wins, the Belichick myth…I’m just not sure New England is any good.  I would expect them to be up for this game, but will it matter?  The Bengals, off a bye, should be equally prepared.

Seattle (-7) over Washington.  We’re slowly getting re-introduced to the real Kirk Cousins.  And, he’s terrible.


Big Dub, 8-7:

  1. Chicago (+2.5) over Carolina
  2. St. Louis (+7) over Philadelphia
  3. Buffalo (+7) over Detroit
  4. Cincinnati (-1) over New England
  5. Seattle (-7) over Washington


Kraft, 6-14:

  1. Cleveland (+1.5) over Tennessee
  2. Kansas City (+6) over San Francisco
  3. Seattle (-7) over Washington
  4. Chicago (+2.5) over Carolina
  5. Indianapolis (-3.5) over Baltimore


Nichols, 7-8:

  1. Tampa Bay (+10) over New Orleans
  2. Houston (+6) over Dallas
  3. Buffalo (+7) over Detroit
  4. Pittsburgh (-6) over Jacksonville
  5. Seattle (-7) over Washington



7 thoughts on “Week Five NFL Picks.

  1. Didn’t even know it was legal, but Wegman’s, Kum and Go; when you’re thirsty you gotta do what you gotta do. Upscale alcoholic it sounds like.

    • Imagine your surprise if someone cracked their tall can of Bud outside the Kum N’ Go and plopped down in a lawn chair.

  2. Atlanta +4 over N.Y. Giants. All of a sudden we’re making the Giants favorites?

    Baltimore +3.5 over Indianapolis. Oh so we’re throwing a little extra half point in there to make everyone think that the line is telling them Indy runs away with this game? I can overthink that NO PROBLEM.

    Chicago +2.5 over Carolina. Let’s be serious, I hate teal.

    Seattle -7 over Washington. Kirky Cousins throws a nice ball but three or four bad decisions are going to lead directly to 21 points for Seattle and fans will proclaim that all along they were waiting for RG3 to come back.

    Cincinnati -1 over New England. Mostly because I want to EVERYONE up here BITCHING and MOANING about the offense and how much they miss Dante Scarnecchia (sp?) and why did they get rid of Logan Mankins and Belichick doesn’t understand how to run an offense and it’s not Tom Brady’s fault and the linebackers are too slow and Belichick doesn’t understand modern defensive football. Oh my god the agony of it all.

  3. Can someone please take advantage of the poor Dallas defense? I’m sick….they are horrible and they haven’t played any good QBs

  4. I feel like for some reason no one is really locked in this year. Seems like every Monday night I’m praying to get a 2nd or 3rd win. And, since everyone has Seattle….that can’t be good.

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