Week Six NFL Cash Machine.

Protect that PIN, Playboy.

Protect that PIN, Playboy.

I was waiting at an ATM today, something I almost never do, and there was a father up there with his son.  The pops was walking the kid through the transaction.  The kid was reading the screen–ALOUD.  Was this reading practice?  It has to be incredibly difficult to be a parent and try to balance what you let your kid do and when you tell them to BACK OFF–adults doing business here, Skippy.  The kid wants to do everything, you just don’t want to create a line/scene at the ATM.  I may have looked bothered, but I wasn’t really, and eventually Jr. and Sr. got their money and were on their way.

It made me wonder, though, is teaching a kid how to use an ATM machine a good idea?  You sure you want to give out Daddy’s PIN number?  In a couple of years this kid could be hammering your debit account with reckless abandon.  Speaking of reckless abandon, let’s unfurl some winners…

Nichols, 12-8 (Mr. 5-0–whistle)

  1. Denver (-8.5) over New York Jets
  2. Green Bay (-3) over Miami
  3. Detroit (-1.5) over Minnesota
  4. Carolina (+7) over Cincinnati
  5. San Francisco (-3) over St Louis


Big Dub, 11-9

  1. Denver (-8.5) over New York Jets
  2. Cleveland (-1.5) over Pittsburgh
  3. Minnesota (+1.5) over Detroit
  4. Buffalo (+3) 0ver New England
  5. Baltimore (-3) over Tampa Bay


Grossy, 11-9:

Minnesota (+1.5) over Detroit.  I’m not sure if anyone knows this, there’s no reason to, but I heard Jim Schwartz got carried off the field by the Bills in Detroit last week.  I’m not sure the Lions will ever be able to recover from this embarrassment.  The Lions problems don’t seem to be all Schwartz-related though, as they still seem to play WELL below their talent level at times.  It doesn’t hurt when Megatron is down.  At home, Bridgewater blossoms (that’s alliteration) and the Vikings pull the minor upset.

San Diego (-7) over Oakland.  The Chargers are beating bad teams this year.  I think Oakland qualifies.  I think the Raiders should have four coaches each coach four games this year and then bring one back next season.  That’s the only thing that seems fair.  Of course, good luck finding four people who want to coach the Raiders.

Arizona (-3.5) over Washington.  Doesn’t seem like a real good spot going to Arizona does it?  Kirk? Kurt? Cousins is settling into a nice valley.  I could see Washington starting about 11 quarterbacks in the next six years and people will reminisce fondly about those 30 seconds before RG3 got hurt.  They may even do a 30 for 30 short on it.

New York Giants (+3) over Philadelphia.  Is this an attempted jinx?  Is this a triple reversed double hexola? WHO KNOWS?  But, only the most Eli-level idiocy I think could screw this up for the Giants.  The Eagles shouldn’t be able to cover anyone, no one at all, which could very well lead to quite a few New York points.  We shall see.

San Francisco (-3) over St. Louis.  I’d like to see a little more convincing Niner number, these are the Rams after all, but there’s no way I’m putting my glistening 4-0* Monday Night record on the line with St. Louis.  That’s asking to be ridiculed and mocked and publicly shamed.  Plus, I’ve benched Michael Crabtree, so expect BIG, big things.

*not verified.


3 thoughts on “Week Six NFL Cash Machine.

  1. Denver -8.5 over N.Y. Jest
    Jacksonville +6 over Tennessee
    New England -3 over Buffalo
    Baltimore -3 over Tampa Bay
    San Diego -7 over Oakland

  2. I’d like to thank Kirk fur that last breath pick-6, to get me off the train to 0-5. Now I don’t have to actively root against the eagles.

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