Passing the Undefeated Baton.

Your Winner--Miller Lite.

Your Winner–Miller Lite.

Maybe you heard a week or two ago that Miller Lite took home Gold at the Great American Beer Festival?  I’m sure we’ve all had plenty of Miller Lite.  There’s nothing particularly notable about it, other than they choose to spell Light incorrectly.  This is the biggest decision to be made at major breweries.  How do you spell Light? How many r’s in Cran-brrr-rita?  Or whatever.  Anyway, the point is, there are now so many categories at the Great American Beer Festival that a beer like Miller Lite can bring home gold, but you really don’t know what it is getting compared against.  So many of these awards have no meaning.  I’ve been hearing about J.D. Power (AND ASSOCIATES) for years in car commercials.  Does anyone really know who J.D. Power is?  I’m sure it’s a reputable firm, but really for all I know, it’s someone who takes a million dollars a year from Honda to give them a nice plaque.  I’m just happy that when someone wins a contest on this blog, it means something.  Let’s get to the standings…

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Nichols, 16-8-1
  2. Big Dub, 14-11
  3. Grossy, 13-12
  4. Kraft, 14-15-1
  5. DC, 12-13

The “Apple Cider Donut” Pick of the Week: Kraft, Dallas (+8)

For the second time in three weeks I did not have a chance to post Kraft’s picks, but this week he rushed back into contention with reckless abandon, going 4-0-1.  He and Nichols had a little 4-0-1 relay race and it was the best cumulative week of the year for the blog.  We went 17-6-2.  Drink that in.  There were numerous great picks, but this one stands out for numerous reasons.  The Seahawks had won something like 342 straight home games, everyone was waiting for the Cowboys to be exposed and Mike Greenberg was in early on Dallas.  I’m a little embarrassed to say I listen to Mike & Mike sometimes on the way to work, and “Greeny” is hands down the worst picker of games I’ve ever encountered.  Fending off that hex is truly amazing.

The “Pumpkin Flavored Beer” Awful Pick of the Week; Grossy (NYG +3)

I was happy to be wrong about this one, but I couldn’t have been MORE wrong, really, and that’s the art form.  I’m not sure how I could have seen that shutout coming, though.  The Eagles haven’t had one in 18 years.  Their defense has been shredded at times this year by Kirk Cousins, Austin Davis, Alvin Hurns (these names are approximates)–so why would Sunday night be any different?  Well, the Giants o-line didn’t show up, Eli got all flurstered, was constantly sacked–I think Mike Mamula had a 1/2 sack–and the Eagles cruised.  Confidence level on the Eagles is SKY HIGH right now.  Not even acknowledging that Dallas is 5-1.


The 3PT D.A. of the Week:  Teddy Bridgewater!

Teddy, Matt Cassel just tweeted out his congratulations, it said, “Welcome to the Club.”  How many different Vikings could win the award the year?  This reminds me of the glorious Arizona days when they had the Max Hall, Helter Skelton, and someone else carousel going.  So much potential.  I like rookies to really BREAK OUT to win a D.A.  Bridgewater’s performance didn’t necessarily have that shock value, but it was a nice slow burn.  He threw three interceptions, but more importantly was sacked 8 times.  Eight!  Hang on to that ball a little longer, Teddy!  The thorough beatdown by the Lions took some of the shine off Teddy’s hype train.  Go back to scouting those college QBs, Minnesota.


The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary, Top-10; 

  1. Denver, 4-1. Peyton was rooting for Eagles on Sunday.
  2. San Diego, 5-1.  Rivers for MVP
  3. Dallas, 5-1. Saving the jinx of putting them #1.
  4. Philadelphia, 5-1. Special Teams Animals.
  5. Arizona, 4-1. Had a bit of trouble with Washington.
  6. Indianapolis, 4-2. Four straight over garbage.
  7. New England, 4-2. Things seem back to normal.
  8. San Francisco, 4-2. Thanks for the cover.
  9. Detroit, 4-2.  Better than Bridgewater.
  10. Cincinnati, 3-1-1.  Ties aren’t cool.

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