Winners for Week Seven.

More Famous K.C. Fans.

More Famous K.C. Fans.

So, when I abandoned the Phillies awhile back I needed a new baseball hat to put into my rotation.  For some this might sound like a relatively easy proposition, but there are a lot of factors in play.  There are many, many teams whose hat I could never wear.  Other teams have bad logos, or suspect color combinations.  I wear a blue shirt about 80% of the time.  This has to be considered.

I ended up with a Royals hat.  Aside from the aforementioned blue, there were some other reasons.  I had followed several of Kansas City’s young position players since their time in the minor leagues.  Long before the Royals made it back to the playoffs they assembled one of the best farm systems in recent memory.  For someone as prospect obsessed as myself, this was intriguing.  So, even if I was exclusively a Phillies fan, I was always aware of guys like Hosmer, Moustakas, the since traded Wil Myers, lighting up the Minor Leagues.  While I felt like I had to stop rooting for a guy like Bryce Harper once he made it to Washington, continuing to pull for these Royals seemed mostly harmless.

This brings me to the final reason I went K.C.  There really aren’t any casual K.C. fans.  In my nearly two years of sporting the hat I don’t remember seeing another one.  Or a shirt.  A faded bumper sticker.  Nothing.  If there were any Kansas City fans outside of Kansas City leftover from the George Brett glory days, I hadn’t run into any of them.  So, wearing a K.C. hat provides both anonymity and a level of respect when someone knows you aren’t some shameful bandwagon jumper.

Up until a few months ago, I got a few, “KC? Really?” type reactions, but not much else.  But, all that has changed as the Royals have stormed through the playoffs.  Right before the ALCS ended I got a “congratulations” on the Royals while I was out at a grocery store.  I felt guilty.  A real fan would have been watching the game.  And, while the post-season run has been amazing, it’s not like I’m living and dying with each pitch.  This despite the fact that the Royals play a particularly nerve wracking style of baseball.

The point is, I’m apologizing to all the true Royals fans out there.  The hat that I wear is not a behavior a would typically endorse in someone else.  I went through not nearly enough of the lean times.  I promise not to take too much satisfaction if the Royals beat the Giants, though I do hate the Giants, but I’m still going to wear the hat.  Like I said, it’s blue.

Back to the important sport….

Week 7 NFL Picks:

Nichols, 16-8-1

  1. Jacksonville (+5.5) over Cleveland
  2. Baltimore (-7) over Atlanta
  3. Kansas City (+4) over San Diego
  4. New York Giants (+6.5) over Dallas
  5. San Francisco (+6.5) over Denver


Big Dub, 14-11

  1. Indianapolis (-3) over Cincinnati
  2. Buffalo (-5.5) over Minnesota
  3. San Diego (-4) over Kansas City
  4. Arizona (-3.5) over Oakland
  5. Denver (-6.5) over San Francisco


Grossy, 13-12

Detroit (-3) over New Orleans.  The Saints aren’t right.  This may be misdirected angst at Brandin Cooks, who is on pace for 100 catches for 204 yards, but with no Jimmy Graham and the characteristic bleh New Orleans running game, everything just feels like a struggle for Mr. Brees and company.  Detroit, meanwhile, seems to have taken to winning ugly as opposed to losing pretty, which was their former M.O.  Brees is no longer a guy I fear picking against, even in a dome.  Time for Sean Payton to start thinking about Dallas again.

Jacksonville (+5.5) over Cleveland.  Letdown for the Browns?  It’s got to be hard to charge into Jacksonville with much steam after beating the Steelers.  I think the Jags are starting a running back named “Storm,” which means they are recruiting from the American Gladiators?  We’re right on the verge of talking about whether or not the Jags could lose EVERY game, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.  They at least put a scare into Hoyer’s traveling road show.

Indianapolis (-3) over Cincinnati.  The Bengals tied last week.  That’s pretty much all I’ve got, along with the Colts being hot and having 10 days to get ready to stop Neo-Geo Bernard.  They won’t, but should score enough to win.  Possible Andrew Luck 4th quarter comeback alert.  Get your drool rags ready.

Arizona (-3.5) over Oakland.  I think the Cardinals could cover on a last second pick-6 for the second straight week. Stranger things have happened in Oakland.  Pretty huge revenge spot for Carson Palmer here.  Remember when Palmer basically quit the Bengals?  Seems like a lifetime ago.

Houston (+3.5) over Pittsburgh.  I keep waiting to get one of these Monday games wrong, so I don’t feel so obligated to pick a complete horsebleep, coin-flip like this game.  I’m going to go with Arian Foster running well and the Steelers, after a brief affair with mediocrity, could very well be terrible.  When they lose this one at home, that’s when we’ll know.


Kraft, 14-15-1

Cincinnati (+3) over Indianapolis.  Bengals show some pride.  Sam Wyche circles the wagons.

Kansas City (+4) over San Diego.  The Chargers have to slip up some time?

Atlanta (+7) over Baltimore.  Wasn’t Ray Lewis involved in a homicide in Atlanta? #karma

Denver (-6.5) over San Francisco.  Who covers Ed McCaffery?

New York Giants (+6.5) over Dallas.  Ray Rice, concussions, Goodell’s biggest scandal this year is fixing Cowboys games this year to make them 5-1.  #QuincyCarter #FDallas.


3 thoughts on “Winners for Week Seven.

  1. Had to mention this after reading.At the bar sunday watching football, Ii turn to my right and there’s a guy wearing a brand new (like he bought it YESTERDAY that’s how new) KC Royals hat, a cowboys t-shirt and a uconn “windbreaker”/warm up jacket. I mean…..biggest bandwagon fan on the planet?

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