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I was driving down the road the other day, the INTERSTATE, and I passed a pickup truck.  I realized this almost never happens.  I’d say the average speed of a pickup is about 27 mph over the speed limit.  This is a bit faster than I drive. There must be something about driving a pickup that makes you want to get somewhere in a hurry.  Are you always racing to the next gas station?  It must be a powerful feeling to charge up behind someone, tailgate, watch them get flustered/angry in the mirror and then move onto the next car.  Such an American way to drive an American vehicle.

I also wonder how many pickup trucks are used for their designated purpose?  Are we really out there towing trailers, hauling straw bales, or transporting cords of wood?  Does owning a confederate flag sticker require a pickup truck to adhere it to?  Even with the giant SUV, I feel like at least a decent portion of these people have some kids, or some pets…whatever.  With the pickup trucks, I’m not so sure.

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:

  1. Nichols, 22-17-1
  2. Big Dub, 20-15
  3. Grossy, 22-18
  4. DC, 16-14
  5. 21-23-1


Week 10 Picks…

Big Dub:

Cincinnati (-6.5) over Cleveland (loss)–The Browns are awful. Barely beating Tampa and Oakland and losing to Jacksonville. Frauds.

Detroit (-3) over Miami.  Classic overreaction/letdown for Miami here.

Jacksonville OUTRIGHT over Dallas.  I know the line is off, but can I just take Jacksonville outright? The fact that Jerry Jones isn’t telling Romo to sit out tells me how desperate he is to win and how little confidence he has against a bad Jags team.

Baltimore (-9.5) over Tennessee.  If the Ravens score 10 points they cover.

Seattle (-9.5) over New York Giants.  If the Seahawks score 10 points they cover.



Pittsburgh (-5) over New York Jets.  The NFL is a mystery to me right now.  Look no further than that Thursday night game.  So, the Browns are good?  Less awful than Cincy?  I’m not really sure.  In the spirit of grasping at straws, I’ll lock onto the Steelers offense being on a roll and the Jets being generally terrible.  That should be enough to swing this game in Pittsburgh’s favor by a TD.

Denver (-11.5) over Oakland.  The Broncos are going down in the playoffs.  Possibly early.  Probably hard.  But, before that happens they are going to reach some more staggering regular season highs.  I’m sure last week’s beatdown left a sour taste in forehead’s mouth.  Time to prop up the legend with a good ole’ fanny whipping of the Raiders.  Broncos run it up.

St. Louis (+7) over St. Louis. Arizona.  I generally don’t like having teams leave cities, but the fact that the football Cardinals and baseball Cardinals existed is a bit embarrassing.  I think once we broke into the 1940s and we realized there were more than 9 possible team names, this isn’t something that should happen.  Unless you are going to have the exact same logo to save the fans from buying extra merch.  Anyway, the Rams are scrappy.  That’s the sound reasoning here.

Green Bay (-7) over Chicago.  I feel like the Packers never cover these games, but Chicago is in a death spiral.  They’re taking down a city, fantasy teams, whatever.

Philadelphia (-6) over Carolina.  Do you believe in Sanchez?  I think Chip Kelly does and he’s going to cook up a Sanchez specific game plan.  This is part Kelly’s ego–I can win with anyone–and part that Foles was nothing great.  He wasn’t.  The Panthers are a sloppy mess and won’t score nearly enough points to keep up.



  1. Tennessee (+9.5) over Baltimore
  2. Pittsburgh (-5) over New York Jets
  3. Denver (-11.5) over Oakland
  4. St. Louis (+7) over Arizona
  5. Chicago (+7) over Green Bay



  1. New Orleans (-4.5) over San Francisco
  2. St. Louis (+7) over Arizona
  3. New York Giants (+9) over Seattle
  4. Green Bay (-7) over Chicago
  5. Philadelphia (-6) over Carolina



6 thoughts on “Follow This Advice.

  1. Detroit -3 over Miami
    New Orleans -4.5 over San Francisco
    Pittsburgh -5 over N.Y. Jets
    Atlanta -1.5 over Tampa Bay
    St. Louis +7 over Arizona

  2. Remarkable effort out of Dalton. You have to think Geno Smith is praying for an early Vick injury so he can get out there.

  3. Thanks. Henne actually appeared at our reception for $99.95. He spent the cocktail hour throwing 20 yard outs to me and JCK.

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