These Picks Will Not Tank.

Sixers Should WIn 1-4 Games.

Sixers Should WIn 1-4 Games.

The Sixers are an intentionally bad basketball team.  This happens in every sport to a certain extent, but the nature of the NBA makes tanking a little more visually offensive.  It’s not like baseball where a terrible team could beat the best team thanks to a great pitching effort, or hockey where a goalie can steal a game.  In basketball, bad teams almost never beat good teams.  EVER.  And, historically bad teams almost never beat mediocre teams.  This is where the Sixers find themselves after just eight games.  There is no doubt that, as constructed, the Sixers are one of the worst NBA teams ever.  This was part of the plan.

You must acquire draft picks and then get lucky with those draft picks to win an NBA title, assuming you aren’t in one of the two or three cities that could draw a tandem of top free agents.  This is pretty much an accepted fact, so since LeBron wasn’t coming to town and bringing along some friends, the Sixers made the decision to get bad before they attempted to win.  They’ve done a remarkable job.  If second round picks were worth anything, they might already be a title contender, but they still have acquired four lottery level talents in a couple years with more picks on the way.

The only question is, did they go too far?  They don’t have to be THIS bad.  A nice, solid, 20-62 would have accomplished what they were looking for and at least the players get to win a game almost once a week.  Can any player go through a 4? 8? 10? win season and come out on the other side as a building block for a winning team?  The front office of the Sixers seems confident it can happen.  I’m not so sure.

As usual, I’m also not so sure about these NFL picks.


Week 11 NFL Picks:

Big Dub, 23-17

  1. Miami (-4.5) over Buffalo.  WIN
  2. Green Bay (-6) over Philadelphia
  3. Indianapolis (-3) over New England
  4. Cincinnati (+7) over New Orleans
  5. New York Giants (+4) over San Francisco


Grossy, 25-20

Cleveland (-3) over Houston.  I’m not sure I’m ready to toss the keys to Ryan Mallett.  How many former New England quarterbacks are bouncing around the league right now and pulling the occasional start?  Is Michael Bishop starting next week for Oakland?  The Browns should completely shut down the Texans and skank and shank their way to enough points to win by a TD.

Green Bay (-6) over Philadelphia.  Massive Packer line.  The Eagles have done an admirable job of crushing bad teams, and not having a blemish in those situations is enough to make you of the better teams in the league, but this trip to Green Bay isn’t coming at the right time.  Short week, feeling a bit too high, like Chip spiked the smoothies?  If the Eagles were to win this game, they’d become definitive favorites to win the NFC with Mark Sanchez at QB.  Yep, that’s not going to happen.  Should be a fun one, though.

Seattle (+2) over Kansas City.  My fantasy season will be hanging in the balance with Jamaal Charles this week, so I’d expect about 7/19/0TDs.  One of those games where Andy is down 6 points the whole time, but still throws the ball ineffectively every play?  You know what I’m talking about.

New England (+3) over Indianapolis.  Betting against the Pats right now seems a bit like betting on Chicago.  We know Indy can’t stop anyone, so….

Pittsburgh (-6) over Tennessee.  Monday night obligation special.  Can’t pick the Titans in good faith, and I’d expect the Steelers to bounce back after last week’s humiliation against the Jets.  I don’t think Big Ben’s going to go for another six TDs, but he might do four.  He’s gonna do four!


5 thoughts on “These Picks Will Not Tank.

  1. Houston +3 over Cleveland. I made the pick before realizing that Ryan Mallett was starting at QB. Does that change my confidence level in this pick? Yes.

    Kansas City -2 over Seattle *CANCELLED*. I was totally sold on this pick until reading MG’s analysis of this game, with its witheringly casual indictment of Andy Reid. MG is totally right: I HAVE SEEN THIS GAME ALREADY AND ANDY REID DOES NOT WIN.

    Atlanta -1 over Carolina. I watched Carolina last week. I know who they think they are.

    Denver -9.5 over St. Louis. Shaun Hill?

    Oakland +10 over San Diego. Make it OUTRIGHT

  2. Somehow in all of the handwringing over Ryan Mallett and Andy Reid I forgot to put down SFO over NYG, which is such an obvious lock it needs no explanation.

  3. Apparently:

    (1) Andy Reid does win this game, at least sometimes.

    (2) Yes, Shaun Hill.

    (3) No, not OAK outright.

    (4) Yes, that was a Packers line.

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