Massive Holiday Post.

Read at Your Leisure.

Read at Your Leisure.

Is going to an NFL game a good decision on Thanksgiving?  I know there is a culture of attending NFL games and serious tailgaters can have a totally different experience than someone who just drives down for a game, but what about on a holiday like today?  I’m sure you can find plenty of propane treated birds in parking lots in Detroit and Dallas today but I’m not sure you can accurately recreate Thanksgiving out of the back of a Ford F-150.  I wonder if there are people in Dallas today who give up their tickets (or sell them to Eagles fans for a huge price) to spend a little quality time with the family.  Would you ever do something like that in the same situation?  I’m not sure I would go to the game, but that just proves I don’t have the season ticket mentality.

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings: 

  1. Big Dub, 29-21
  2. DC, 26-19
  3. Grossy, 29-26
  4. Nichols, 27-27-1
  5. Kraft, 29-30-1


The Jets and D.A.: Franchise Achievement Award.

Who has the worst QB situation in the league?  There are candidates.  Washington is starting Colt McCoy. The Titans are starting the Burger.  And, while there are probably 20 teams who would say, “eh, we could use a real franchise QB,” I’m not sure any team is worse off than the Jets.  The Jets alternate between Michael Vick, who doesn’t care, and Geno Smith, who cannot play a lick.  It’s like they’re digging a pool and alternating between using a teaspoon and a melon baller.  Not only that, a QB they cast aside is starting for a playoff team.  That’s a stretch, but the point is, Mark Sanchez is definitely better than Geno Smith.  And, where is the Jets’ 3rd string QB?  Can someone summon him?  There is more Jets bad QB play to go around.


Definitive TV Marathon Rankings: 

In the past I’ve done an alternate viewing guide for those who do not want to watch football on Thanksgiving.  This year I would highly recommend watching the games, but if you don’t, you are probably going to subject yourself to a marathon.  The programming people have lost a bit of creativity here and basically just show a popular show they have the rights to over and over.  It’s not a bad strategy.  None of these shows may be on, but if I have to sit down and watch a marathon….

  1. The Wire
  2. Any MTV “Made” from the late 90s.
  3. Seinfeld
  4. Top Chef
  5. Mad Men
  6. American Pickers
  7. Early Real World
  8. Will & Grace
  9. Entourage
  10. The Bachelor




  1. Seattle (+1.5) over San Francisco
  2. Buffalo (-2.5) over Cleveland
  3. NYG (-2.5) over Jacksonville
  4. Cincinnati (-3.5) over Tampa Bay
  5. Miami (-6.5) over New York Jets



Detroit (-7) over Chicago.  Big ole’ Lions line.  The Bears are terrible and they’re terrifying.  So terrifying that I’ve sat down Alshon Jeffrey this week in fantasy and it’s an important game, but I’m just not sure Cutler can throw for 100 yards in this one.  It’s strange that the Lions can never get a decent Thanksgiving game.  Usually, they stink, but even when they have a decent record they play ugly and are facing this raging dumpster fire from Chicago.  Watch this game with one eye, preferrably your bad one.

San Francisco (-1.5) over Seattle.  Everyone got so pumped about the Seahawks beating the Cardinals at home last week.  STATEMENT.  What’s the statement?  You can beat Stanton in a stadium where you win almost every time and put up a miserable 16 points?  I think the Niners are playing better and they want this game QUITE badly.  Stay tuned after the game for Beast Mode’s eloquence.

St. Louis (-7) over Oakland.  The Raiders have had 10 days to celebrate their win.  They’re officially in off-season mode.  We did it, Boys.  Now we’ll just be another terrible team instead of a historically bad team.  They aren’t going to be able to do DICKOLA offensively against St. Louis and the game will slowly, inevitably get away from them.

Denver (-2) over Kansas City.  Bit of a must-win for Peyton, so I’ll take him.  I think both these teams are a bit overrated and neither have a shot at winning in New England in the playoffs, but K.C. especially is so one (half?) dimensional.  Name some K.C. receivers.  I’ll wait…

Miami (-6.5) over New York Jets.  Tannehill on Monday Night Football.  A match made in heaven.  But honestly, I just would never feel comfortable taking the Jets in any spot.  I can’t imagine they are excited about playing in front of their home crowd.  Should be a hostile reception.  When you get blown off the field by the Bills at a neutral site?  Season over.


One thought on “Massive Holiday Post.

  1. Cleveland +2.5 over Buffalo.

    Jacksonville -2.5 over NYG. THIS IS A JAX LINE IF THERE EVER WAS ONE

    Cincy -3.5 over TBY. If Cincy has ANY SELF RESPECT AT ALL they win this game by 17.

    New Orleans +4.5 over PIT. Come on.

    GBY -3 over NED. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Packer line.

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