Your NFL Picks Courtesy of Me

And, Cardinals Super Fan Jon Hamm.

And, Cardinals Super Fan Jon Hamm.

I don’t remember my dreams.  The ones I have when I’m asleep, I’m not being dark about a broken childhood or anything.  I will occasionally remember a snippet of slumber action, but even those usually fly out of my head quite quickly.  I dream about mundane things.  I’ll just be at work–doing work.  I rarely dream about things that haven’t happened to me, or about people I don’t know.  I’m not lucky enough to spend my evenings breaking the course record at Pine Valley, or something…

But, a few days back I did have an odd few minutes of REM.  It was one of those dreams with quick transitions.  First I was in an elevator.  Then I realized that the elevator was in a sports arena.  In the next moment the doors were opening and Jon Hamm was about to climb aboard.  I wasn’t particularly impressed, and didn’t say a word, but Don Draper started right in talking about his seats for the game, how they weren’t good, but reminded him of the old days when he couldn’t get good seats.

Jon Hamm was talking to me like he expected to see me, but even at the dream level I had no idea what was happening.  I went with it and left the elevator and followed Hambone out to the seating bowl.  The building was reminiscent of the old Spectrum and a Flyers game was about to start.  Hamm, who I assume likes the Blues(?), said a couple more things and then left me at his seats.  I’m not sure if the Flyers won.  If recent history is any indication, they probably did not.

Why did I share this?  I just want everyone to know that I don’t dream up these winners.  They come to me when I am at my most alert….

NFL Picks:

Big Dub, 29-21

  1. Chicago (+4) over Dallas–(L).  Romo has to be hurt, right?
  2. New Orleans (-9.5) over Carolina. Is it weird I’m worried about the Saints.
  3. Seattle (+1) over Philadelphia.  This is the lock of my life.
  4. Washington (+3) over St. Louis. Not sure, just going for it.
  5. New York Jets (+6) over Minnesota.  Again, not sure why.


Grossy, 32-28

San Francisco (-8) over Oakland.  I don’t think Oakland is going to lose by 7.5 TDs again.  NOT AT HOME.  But, I’m pretty sure they’ll go ahead and lose this game comfortably.  The Niners defense has mostly come around, which means the Raiders will struggle to score and you can pretty much finish the painting from there.

St. Louis (-3) over Washington.  Just trying to pile on the teams who have mailed it in for the season.  I don’t wish it to happen, but I could see Colt McCoy getting hurt in this game and when that happens, I don’t know where Washington will turn.  Forfeit the rest of the season?  Is there a third Gruden brother they can bring in to coach this team?

Kansas City (PICK) over Arizona.  Not sure the Cards are going to be able to hang on and make the playoffs, and if they lose this one they’ll be well on their way to a nice collapse.  Hard to stay relevant when Carson Palmer goes down.  That’s the franchise.  Not every team has a Mark Sanchez to turn to.

Seattle (+1) over Philadelphia.  Speaking of Sanchez, he’s going to be in a tough spot on Sunday.  Shady ain’t going anywhere.  This is a big old Seahawks line and a big old Over too (o/u-49??).  As an impartial analyst, this means that Seattle is going to win this game something like 34-20.  I certainly hope that does not happen, but it probably will.  Beef Moe’

Green Bay (-12.5) over Atlanta.  I’ve gone cold on Monday for the time being, and this seems like an awful lot of points–even for the Falcons.  You know what that means.  Packers by 20, Rodgers barely throws a pass in the second half.


One thought on “Your NFL Picks Courtesy of Me

  1. Baltimore +3 over Miami
    Indianapolis -3.5 over Cleveland
    Detroit -9.5 over TBY
    SDO +3.5 over New England
    Jacksonville +6 over Houston

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