This Is Where We’ll Leave You.

Hope Everyone Had a Nice Holiday.

Hope Everyone Had a Nice Holiday.

Seen a lot of Christmas cards over the past few days–sent some, opened some, addressed a few.  It made me go back and remember getting Christmas cards as a kid.  Maybe my parents were more popular than I am now, or maybe the practice has fallen slightly out of favor, but we used to get a lot of Christmas cards.  I took this as an opportunity to open mail.  I really liked getting mail when I was a kid, mostly because I never got anything.  It was a novelty to be able to open ANYTHING.  On most Christmas cards I used a technicality.  The card would be addressed to the whole family, or I would make this distinction on my own and open anything that came in a red or green envelope.  I’d be very excited looking at the cards, I’d tear into them, and then I’d ask one of my parents, “Who’s this?”  Anyway, when you are a kid the idea of opening Christmas cards is a lot more exciting than the payoff.  Now, the opposite may be true.  A card might sit on the counter for a day or two, but when I get around to opening it, I usually know who it’s from and I’ll say, “WELL ISN’T THAT NICE.”


Final week of NFL Picks coming for the regular season.  This was not our most dedicated year.  The picks have been mostly the coin-flip you’d expect, though with a good week Big Dub could secure another title and have one of our better winning percentages.

NFL Pick ‘EM Standings:  

  1. Big Dub, 35-24-1
  2. DC, 33-27
  3. Kraft, 40-39-1
  4. Grossy, 37-38
  5. Nichols, 36-38-1


Big Dub:

  1. Green Bay (-7.5) over Detroit
  2. Carolina (+4) over Atlanta
  3. Houston (-9.5) over Jacksonville
  4. Buffalo (+5) over New England
  5. San Diego (+2.5) over Kansas City



  1. Pittsburgh (-3.5) over Cincinnati
  2. San Francisco (-6) over Arizona
  3. Baltimore (-9.5) over Cleveland
  4. Carolina (+4) over Atlanta
  5. Chicago (+6.5) over Minnesota



  1. NYJ (+5.5) over Miami
  2. San Diego (+2.5) over Kansas City
  3. San Francisco (-6) over Arizona
  4. Detroit (+7.5) over Green Bay
  5. Indy (-7) over Tennessee



New York Giants (-3) over Philadelphia.  This is how it ends for the Eagles.  The slide will be complete.  If you want to see a team come out flat, I’d suggest keeping your eyes on the Birds.  It’s not like the Giants are playing for a playoff spot, but I think they’ll take the opportunity to kick a division foe while they’re down.  Today is the first day of a very long winter in Philadelphia.

New Orleans (-4) over Tampa Bay.  Now that Tampa is officially out of the race for the NFC South–they are eliminated, right????–I think they can move along with this NFL version of tanking.  I’m sure individual Bucs will play hard, but there’s really no need to win this game and lessen their chance at getting yet another QB.

New York Jets (+5.5) over Miami.  WIN ONE FOR REX!  I heard that Ryan has cleared out his office, which I imagine simply involves dumping the empty candy wrappers from his desk drawers into the trash.  But, everyone knows Buddy’s boy is fired and since I think the players probably like the Cussin’ Foot Craver a good bit, they’ll be able to send him off with a win against the Dolphins who are one hell of an average football team.

Atlanta (-4) over Carolina.  Winner take all, BITCHES!  I’m looking for the NFL to be embarrassed here, so I think the best case scenario is that Atlanta wins and then gives someone a tough game (possibly wins) in the opening round.

Steelers (-3.5) over Cincinnati.  Spite pick for the Bengals nipping me last week.  I don’t see Andy Dalton winning two games in a row like this.  With the #3 seed and a home game at stake, I think the Steelers can summon what they need for a win here…


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