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7 thoughts on “Contact Me:

  1. dear 3-Putt, what happened to the mailbox-eqsue page??

    anyhow, i am wondering if you ever get any strange, frequent google searches that lead people to your blog.

    i seem to get 5-10 hits per week for the post i made, “accidental wet t-shirt contest” for people …no joke, searching, “accidental wet t-shirt.”



  2. Dear 3-Putt,

    You do not have a mail-bag, anymore. This saddens this mere mortal. But, um, I was wondering – given that I am writing about this holidays, today, for a q-journalistish article…I had an idea…I feel like 3-Putt could offer a lot of good, “Dear Santa” letters like “Dear Santa, Coal only to Shanahan, this year”…or at least Top 10 regift wish list stuff or Top 10 gifts for people with uncomfortable furniture or Top 10 gifts for food or velveeta lovers…ya know. Roll with it? Can we get that kind of thing for a 3-Putt Holiday Special?

    Elf Q

  3. Dear 3-Putt, It’s been a while since some(ONE) has made a request to the blogger, here…I am wondering about the idea of a new direction for 3-Putt…like the lil props you do, “Beat the Blogger,” etc etc…what about “Choose your own adventure.” Like, 3-Putt starts a scene between athletes or whatever…and the comment commoners, we have to finish it…? Just a wild idea. I think i need sleep now. Gnight 3-Puttville. You’re a solid nation. Not necessarily a democracy, but you’re an awesome totalitarianism. Q

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