Did You Know College Football Has Bowls?

Yep, It's Bowl Season.

I’m not sure we did this last year, but we at least have done it at some point in the past.  I’m referring to picking Bowl Games.  An inquiry came in about it yesterday, and college football wasn’t really on my mind, but what the hell?  I satisfy approximately 70% of my reader requests around here, so if people want to pick the dang Bowl Games, we’ll pick them.  There seems to be more games than ever, which is funny, because none of them are all that intriguing.  We’ve got 33 opening acts for the SEC Championship Game, Part II.  The names of the Bowls do get better every year, and no, I din’t know Little Caesars was still in business.

So, I’m going to list the games here.  If you feel like picking, or participating in some contest, email me your picks  (mggross21@gmail.com).  If that is too complicated for you, I suppose you could leave them in the comments and then I will email them to myself.  If a decent amount of people get in the mix, I’ll figure out where to post and keep track of the standings, etc.  I’ll give something to the winner.  You can go to a Phillies game with me, or something.  I’ll make sure it’s a night that Dontrelle Willis is pitching.

The Litany of Action:

  1. New Mexico Bowl: Temple (-7) vs. Wyoming
  2. Idaho Potato Bowl:  Utah State (-2.5) vs. Ohio
  3. New Orleans Bowl:  Louisiana Lafayette (+4.5) vs. San Diego St.
  4. Beef O’Brady’s Bowl: Florida International (-4) vs. Marshall
  5. Poinsettia Bowl:  Louisiana Tech (+10) vs. TCU
  6. Las Vegas Bowl:  Arizona St. (+14) vs. Boise St.
  7. Independence Bowl: North Carolina (+5) vs. Missouri
  8. Little Caesar’s Bowl:  Western Michigan (+2.5) vs. Purdue
  9. Belk Bowl: Louisville (+3) vs. NC State
  10. Military Bowl: Toledo (-3) vs. Air Force
  11. Holiday Bowl:  California (+3) vs. Texas
  12. Champs Sports Bowl:  Notre Dame (+3) vs. Florida State
  13. Alamo Bowl:  Washington (+9) vs. Baylor
  14. Armed Forces Bowl: Tulsa (+2.5) vs. BYU
  15. Pinstripe Bowl: Rutgers (-1.5) vs. Iowa State
  16. Music City Bowl:  Wake Forest (+7) vs. Mississippi St.
  17. Insight Bowl:  Iowa (+14) vs. Oklahoma
  18. Meineke Texas Bowl:  Texas A&M (-10) vs. Northwestern
  19. Sun Bowl:  Utah (+3.5) vs. Georgia Tech
  20. Fight Hunger Bowl:  UCLA (+2.5) vs. Illinois
  21. Liberty Bowl:  Cincinnati (+2.5) vs. Vanderbilt
  22. Chick-Fil-A Bowl:  Virginia (+1.5) vs. Auburn
  23. Ticket City Bowl: Penn State (+5.5) vs. Houston
  24. Outback Bowl:  Michigan State (+3.5) vs. Georgia
  25. Capital One Bowl:  Nebraska (+2.5) vs. South Carolina
  26. Gator Bowl: Florida (-2) vs. Ohio State
  27. Rose Bowl: Wisconsin (+6) vs. Oregon
  28. Fiesta Bowl: Stanford (+3.5) vs. OK State
  29. Sugar Bowl: Michigan (-2.5) vs. Virginia Tech
  30. Orange Bowl:  West Virginia (+3.5) vs. Clemson
  31. Cotton Bowl:  Kansas St. (+7.5) vs. Arkansas
  32. Compass Bowl: SMU (+4.5) vs. Pittsburgh
  33. Go-Daddy.Com Bowl:  Arkansas St. (-1.5) vs. Northern Illinois
  34. BCS Title Game:  Alabama (Pick) vs. LSU